We went to Taobao unmanned supermarket, experienced a brush face, buy, buy, buy

Taobao Alipay Amazon love fan children

aifaner· 2017-07-08 05:17:42

took things at the supermarket checkout line, not to leave the scene, everybody in the Amazon unmanned convenience store Amazon Go has seen today, consumers can also Chinese in Taobao unmanned retail store "Amoy coffee" to experience the full sense of science and technology way of shopping.

" at the scene of the Hangzhou International Expo Center Taobao second "creation Festival", we saw this deserted Taobao supermarket.

supermarket door and put on the subway entrance gate similar, need to confirm the identity of the door: two-dimensional code scanning Taobao client door, two-dimensional code generation exclusive certification, at the entrance gates can be verified through to enter the shop.

", since it is called "Amoy coffee", drinks are naturally the highlight of the shop. Although it is "no one", but at the meal table, or arranged for the waiter to help. After saying the name of the food, the system will automatically identify and display on the counter screen, and will also face recognition of customers.

" but may be in order to make the system heard more clearly, the waiter will repeat the food you. When the following tips appeared on the screen, your Alipay will automatically be deducted from the corresponding amount, but I do not know why the author set the system to skip the credit card directly deducted from the balance of treasure.

" according to Taobao's demo video, the customer will be projected to take the dining area on a giant screen in the region to take food images and display, taking the meal time and number in the head. But in practical applications, customers usually have to go to the center of the meal area to be successfully recognized by the camera, and there is a meal prompt, the screen is also more obvious delay.

, of course, in the testing phase of technology inevitably has some problems, such as seeing other customers have successfully completed the meal, let I how to adjust in front of the screen, is not only embarrassing to be identified, to take meal station attendant artificial identification. Well, probably because I face it … &hellip

; if not the meal, you will be the top of the image of "pro, no single point of the text. It is said that if the honorable APASS member, the image on the screen will be put on a small crown, but love fan children at the scene, not yet seen the legendary tyrant.

" in the wine and dine outside, you can also buy Amoy doll in the shop around, choose the right goods, although do not need to go to the checkout counter, but also through the two channel automatic door. Between the two doors, you need to stay a little while you can leave after the system has been charged.

" (left exit)

love fan children understand that Taobao is no supermarket by the ants payment service to provide technical support, which involves computer vision, sensor, also added some non biometric technology ("non cooperation" it is in the user perception of situation can be done to verify the identity) to reduce the misjudgment rate.

multi technology hybrid applications also make "Amoy coffee" can withstand as many as 50 people enter at the same time, higher than the Amazon Go 20 passenger limit.

then, has the supermarket been opened to the public? Technical personnel

ant gold suit revealed that at present no supermarket system identity identification error rate is 0.02%, commodity identification error rate is 0.1%, but there are still many problems, such as customers wearing sunglasses, masks, hats and other shelter under the condition that the system may be unable to identify the error or recognition; and if customers consciously blocked goods with limbs, may muddle through.

for security reasons, no supermarket set per user per day Alipay withheld a maximum of 5000 yuan, so you don't have to worry about indulging in the store of goods a carelessly inextricably bogged down in, the balance is zero.

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