Foreign children can find their own interests earlier, from the "genius hour" special training

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on how to guide children to find their own interests as soon as possible, we share a lot of global innovation cases, such as "Finland", "occupation enlightenment so out of the ordinary foreign children know what they want, and many a year later on the University of Gap Year the relevant experience of" "foreign children problem solving ability, because they were brought up by Design Thinking (" click on the corresponding title reading), today, to share with a western popular method - Genius Hour do ("genius one hour").

genius one hour, let passion into the concept of action

, derived from the famous "genius of Google staff training system (genius hours) in an hour" program -- Google in order to stimulate employees to make their own genius idea, promote innovation, out of 20% employees allowed a week time to plan, implement than its normal work the items of interest - it is said that the Google project 50% is created in this creative period.

" to the success of this project, also reiterated a truth, that is, when people are allowed to "work", they will work to increase the power. Similarly, when children are allowed to tap into their passions and develop skills that they are interested in, their actions and creativity will also be fully promoted.

therefore, "genius hour" quickly spread out in many schools in Europe and america. In traditional learning, the teacher lays down standards to plan the course. In these schools, in addition to regular courses, the school will leave some time, let the children from their own interest and enthusiasm of their topics, find their own data, their study and draw their own conclusions, their research results show to everyone.

" if the traditional learning, let students take to the back of the car to go, let the teacher carry them forward, "genius hour" is a key to the students, let them drive, go anywhere they want to the. And the teachers just sit in the co pilot to help them reach the final destination.

not only gives children full play in their initiative and creativity, but also learns to start from their own interests and turn an idea into reality. This experience will allow children to get hands-on action at anytime and anywhere to achieve their goals.

"learning more interesting"

on its essence, is a more open learning project. The

project is to learn, children around the theme of a project, rather than a point of knowledge, comprehensive interdisciplinary learning, this process is the group collaboration, and must be done in class.

compared to "genius hour", more emphasis on automatic, interest first, the purpose is not to complete a project, but through a project to make yourself and the skills you want to go further.

, such as kindergarten children, learn to cook, build models, make a work of art with special materials, and take a small video with iPad...... Another example of primary school students, the creation of a Minecraft map, creating a video game Raiders, the use of WIX to build a football site, write a 10 chapter novel, creating a racing game...... The

project has a variety of topics, but it must be from the child's own interests that they push the process themselves. Click on the video below, watching the children of Canadian public Munden Park the fifth grade primary school to develop their own "genius one hour" target:

summary, "day an hour" has 6 distinct features:

" first goal: students are required to start from their own point of interest of all work, is to let oneself in the interest of more promotion, rather than the so-called "learn useful knowledge".

created independently: as mentioned earlier, the teacher just sits in the co pilot position, from the subject to the execution, from the finished product to the show, the students have to complete their own.

question adjustment: in the process, students should constantly sum up experience, update ideas, so that programs to more efficient direction to adjust.

writes: no matter what project the student chooses at the end, they have to work it out and see and feel it.

focus on collaboration: some schools require high grade students and lower grade students, on the one hand, is used to set the rules of the game to help small children, on the other hand, also let the children know how to jump out of their own ideas, have more fresh ideas. "Genius hour" also encourages students to work with parents, relatives and friends, or to interview experts in the field and get more professional guidance.

" (low grade and high grade pairing)

80/20 rules: "genius one hour" don't want to be a burden to their children, it is emphasized to.

in some classrooms in America, the teacher will take one

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