KFC and HUAWEI's cross-border marketing: 1099 yuan mobile phone

Kentucky Fried Chicken HUAWEI curiosity daily circle of friends

haoqixinribao· 2017-07-08 08:57:38

", Friday afternoon, KFC announced their first collaboration with HUAWEI: a 1099 yuan mobile phone.

at the press conference, HUAWEI announced their new products "enjoy 7", and the limited edition of Kentucky's commemorative money. The most obvious difference between this souvenir and the regular paragraph is probably their shell. In the center of the red section of the memorial, there is the sign of Captain Kentucky and the word "Hello 1987".

" in addition to this, when you open the memorial, also found that mobile phone system installed Kentucky app, and the app than before to see a new version the function of a "line restaurant song". After login, click K-MUSIC and choose the restaurant KFC song, app will automatically put your location to the nearest restaurant, you can choose to play the songs in the restaurant. Kentucky told "curiosity daily (www.qdaily.com)", the song features restaurant versions of APP only download in the HUAWEI app store.

" but can song features the songs in the restaurant, in addition to KFC spokesperson Joker and Luhan's works are relatively old song. In order to let the consumers of this song is more interested in KFC, also joined the TOP 20 song list, encouraging fans for their love song hits.

KFC said it chose to cooperate with HUAWEI at this time because this year both companies have 30th anniversary commemorative events: HUAWEI founded 30th anniversary and KFC entered China 30th anniversary.

's easy question is, who's going to buy this partnership?. However, the cooperation between KFC and HUAWEI is more like marketing than selling mobile phones. After all, fast food brands and mobile phone cooperation are relatively rare.

for the last year, KFC has been making a lot of talk. For example, in recent months the new, non-alcoholic cocktail, fried chicken pizza Chizza are rarely seen in Western fast food dishes, if not KFC enthusiasts, you can easily see other people send these pictures of food in the circle of friends.

" in the just released second quarter earnings report, yum Chinese did not disclose the specific marketing costs, but now it seems that KFC marketing effect is good, its revenue and profit growth of 0.81% and 41.28% respectively, and same store sales rose 4%.

of Kentucky, need to consider the issue is about how to make the future, marketing continued into revenue growth. Figure

: Kentucky

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