"Apocalyptic Apocalypse", "Rock Heritage Collection 2" and other games will be launched in Chinese

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youxishiguangVGTIME· 2017-07-08 14:01:46

according to the Hong Kong Game retailer news, Capcom's "Rock Heritage Collection 2" "revelations" "dragon creed" several dark night in summer and autumn sale works will launch Chinese traditional Chinese version.

", "Rock" will contain 2 heritage collection four games: "Rock 7" "Rock 8" "Rock 9" "Rock 10", which is the traditional version of the game was first introduced to Chinese. In order to ensure that novice players can enjoy the game, the "Rock Heritage Collection 2" will be added "Extra Armor" (special armor), allowing players to suffer half of the damage. The game will also include "Checkpoint" (check points) so that the player can start the game from where he played last time.

"Rock Heritage Collection 2" Chinese version will be available in August 8, 2017, corresponding to the PS4 platform, the first contains the full Boss Raiders guide.

, and "Apocalypse" was first released in 2012, a 3DS game, this time will be higher quality and effect landing PS4 platform. The game will not only balance again, but will also include all of its content.

"Resident Evil revelations" Chinese version will be available in August 29, 2017, corresponding to PS4 and Xbox One platform.

is finally the PS4 version of "dragon creed, dark sleep," which was actually announced at the beginning of the release and will be released in Chinese, and is expected to be launched in the fall of 2017, corresponding to the PS4 and Xbox One platforms. There is no specific time yet.

" as the "dragon creed" piece of information works, "dragon" feel the dark creed contains all the contents of the original, and adds a new map called "black magic island", game player can experience many new the content of the form in black curse island. This work has also landed on the Steam platform in January 15, 2016 and supports 4K + 60 frames.

source: GNN

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