Players flip over! PS4 licensed games are finally available at PC

SONY the Ultimate Fighter 4 Ares 3 Hell Divers

kuqiwang· 2017-07-09 14:45:40


, SONY's PlayStation Now service only supported PS3 games, but starting in July 7th, SONY PS4 games can also play on the computer! The first batch of SONY announced the accession to the PlayStation Now games up to 20 models, in the next period of time will continue to add more PS4 games.

SONY announced the first 20 games list:

Killzone Shadow Fall "Killzone: shadow fall"

God of 3 "War Remastered 3" ares heavy plate

Saints Row IV:Re-Elected "

WWE 2K16

Tropico 5" 4 saints "island"

Ultra Street Fighter IV tycoon 5 "ultimate street fighter 4"

F1 2015

Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition "Diablo 2" descent "final version of the


MX vs ATV Supercross Encore" evolution "MX vs. ATV: Hurricane" fighter "


Resogun" photoelectric " "

Broken Age" hell dive time "

Dead Nation:Apocalypse Edition" broken version of "

Grim Fandango from the land of the dead" Underworld Rhapsody "Remastered

Akiba" s "Beat heavy plate

Castlestorm Definitive Edition story" Akihabara delusion "Castle storm" heavy plate

Exist Archive:The Other Side of the Sky "the Archives: empty one"

Nidhogg Hoge "

Super Mega Baseball" ned "super baseball"

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Players flip over! PS4 licensed games are finally available at PC