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Weekly guessing machine technology iPhone zaker

ZAKERkeji· 2017-07-09 14:45:42

hello, ZAEKR science and technology, all the small partners, good, to engage in machine brothers, and you meet again, but also brought you a new welfare column "weekly guessing machine.". I believe that a veteran in battle Teeneger, many people have already developed a "fire golden eye", from some small details can be quickly guess this product type. Open your eyes and see what challenges the first phase will face

, are these two machines in the picture below the same machine? If not, name their specific models.

  "weekly guess will be on the line in the first three screen technology channel and digital measurement machine" every weekend, we will get a LOGO from the real machine photos, sometimes special with the first step will be complete, "guess machine experts" title and precious ZAKER 500 points next week, with "weekly guess machine" together dengbang. Meanwhile, your published "God review" will have the opportunity to interact with your editors. Guess machine list, God evaluation circle powder, in the "weekly guessing machine".

PS: since it is the first phase, of course will have more benefits, in addition to the first stage right answer prize, will choose a brother to engage in "God little expert", if you can comment into the senior stuff, please take the same five hundred points. You eyesight, great God, look forward to your interactive God comments, quickly come to answer it! The answer is next week.

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