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2016 at the end of the year, Amazon launched the offline entity supermarket Amazon GO, with the fire "no one convenience store" concept. Less than a year, the country has emerged several related concepts, Zhuang Chenchao convenience bee, deep blue technology Take Go, Darunfa launched Benko box … … in today's second Taobao creation Festival, Alibaba shows its convenience store project - "no Amoy coffee".

technically, an unmanned convenience store is based on three aspects: biometrics, billing, intent identification, transaction systems, and target detection and tracking systems.

biometric identification is to identify the identity of consumers in an open space and bind the customer's biological features with the user ID to achieve the identification of the identity of the customer. For example,

Amazon Go, consumers first need a Amazon Go into account in the Amazon shopping, the application software installed on the intelligent mobile phone and Amazon on their own, the user opens the mobile phone and after entering the store, at the entrance will face recognition of customers, to confirm the identity of the user.

Ali's Amoy coffee is also, users simply open the phone, Taobao scan two-dimensional code, you can enter an unmanned retail store, Amoy coffee.

settlement intention recognition is to judge whether the consumer has the choice of the goods, mainly based on machine vision. For example, when consumers stay in front of the shelf and the choice of goods, camera to capture and record the customer to pick up or put down the goods, at the same time, on the shelves of the camera will judge whether the customer through gesture recognition of the goods at the shopping basket or just look back then.

trading systems, such as clearing gates, are usually made up of two gates, and the process of identifying the goods is done between the two doors, which are automatically debited through the clearing gate. No

convenience store concept is hot, in the first half of this year, where the network founder Zhuang Chenchao to create a convenient bee, at the beginning of June in Shanghai launched unmanned Darunfa convenience store Benko box.

however, Benko box is not similar to the Amazon GO "that take away" mode is based on the RFID technology, the store on the packaging of goods are tagged with RFID tags. (Note: RFID is a wireless radio frequency identification, RFID can be through radio signals to identify specific targets and to read and write data,

) the user selected at the Benko box after the goods, the goods neatly placed on the cashier detection area, then detect the edge of the display screen will automatically display a toll the two-dimensional code, users can use WeChat or Alipay to scan two-dimensional code to complete the bill, and then from the shop can be.

box Benko cashier

6 on Sept. 25, the traditional retail giant Wahaha also joined the unmanned convenience store outlet, signed the "3 year 100 thousand with deep blue technology, 10 years million" Take Go store no agreement. The total amount is expected to be as high as nearly ten billion yuan.

currently speaking, no one convenience store basic three technical forms, the first is tall on the video recognition, biosensors, and the second is RFID retail applications, and the last is the traditional two-dimensional code scanning.

is the first standard products are Amazon GO, Take Go's deep blue technology, second corresponding to the Benko box, the third is the convenience of bee. Before

discussed the topic, a colleague asked if the user had eaten the selected items at the convenience store What should I do? This … …

is not a concept, so seriously do what; … …

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