Appear these signs, indicating that the baby to grow taller, mom and dad must not ignore!

Mom and Dad baby tall signs

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believes that every parents want their child to have a healthy body and a high head, but due to genetic factors or postnatal nutritional deficiencies, some baby the total height slightly shorter than their peers.

some treasure mom so specially to the children to eat calcium calcium diet collocation, etc., but the effect is unsatisfactory.

in fact, the child's growth and development are traceable, parents as long as the election of the right time, and do some appropriate assistance, it will be able to play twice the result with half the effort.

just some signs are not so obvious. It's not easy to notice without observation. For example, when you see the following signs, it shows that the baby is starting to grow taller.

can suddenly become larger

parents if found the baby's appetite suddenly soared, appetite also become particularly good, often just eat soon and not hungry, always with her mother to eat, the children will begin to grow.

at this time, the mother should pay attention to the baby's diet collocation, give the baby to add some foods rich in protein and calcium, such as egg, meat, milk, and eat more fruits and vegetables, vitamin supplements, to ensure balanced nutrition collocation, can promote the development of the baby's bones.

shoes change frequently,

usually, the children are long feet, and then long. If the mother found that the baby for nearly a period of time, feet grow particularly fast, just bought new shoes did not wear too long, and often need to replace new shoes, which also shows that the baby began to grow taller.

some mothers don't notice the change of the baby when the baby said, when the shoes are too small, mom just bought shoes that can not be so soon, soon become small, children want new shoes deliberately said so, did not bother.

need to remind is: wear inappropriate shoes will seriously affect the baby's foot development, suggest mothers should pay more attention to observe, found that inappropriate, in time to replace the baby.

" to sleep when suddenly twitch, kicking

many parents have seen this kind of situation, also experienced, is the child was sleeping, suddenly twitched, or kick the leg, then the baby would be a dream to fall fell down the stairs, or empty, the body stress response.

appears this way, because the baby in sleep, the pituitary gland will secrete a large amount of growth hormone, promote the growth of bones, indicating that the baby stature to grow taller.

leg pain, knee pain,

baby leg pain occurs more often before going to bed, that is, around ten in the evening, because this is the fastest growth of human bones, faster than during the day several times.

this time the baby's leg, especially the knee, will be similar to the same rheumatic pain, may appear tingling, burning, pain, leg muscle spasm and pain will also appear, it usually doesn't last for a long time, parents need not be too tight.

, also known as "growth pain", is the result of rapid skeletal development, muscle and tendon growth can not keep up with the rhythm caused by children to grow taller signs.

, after finding these signs, how should help children grow taller?


) a balanced diet during this period to give the child to eat foods rich in calcium, protein and vitamin supplement is also essential, meat, vegetables, fruit and staple food to ensure balanced nutrition reasonable collocation.


) to ensure adequate sleep because growth hormone is secreted during sleep, especially after ten o'clock in the evening, so it is best to let the baby fall asleep before ten, ensure that at least 8 hours of sleep every day.

3) appropriate outdoor exercise:

let the children go to outdoor exercise, the sun, can promote the absorption of calcium, help the baby skeletal development; of course we should pay attention to avoid intense exercise, to avoid accidentally injured.

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