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Game player game of Warcraft the sword of the spirit.

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"grape view" is a weekend launch in each column, through an article presents an interesting view to invite you to discuss.

view, the full level of the beginning is the

this Thursday (July 6th), was a smash hit, an activation code to price the "fried" sword of the spirit had a big move: open tenth occupation gunmen. Of course, today's topic is not that the game has opened up new content, but that the grapes are again attracted to these new content after the game, and found such changes.

", when creating roles, players can directly create 50 levels of any race, any professional role. Upon completion of the creation, enter the game and complete a series of skills guidance tasks, which can be upgraded directly to full 55 level. What's more, the system gives away a lot of equipment and things to increase player combat effectiveness.

this "welfare" is available to all players.

" at first, "the sword of the spirit" has a dynamic value set, the equivalent physical value, every game player can obtain experience is limited, so the core of the game is fun to upgrade, enhance the combat effectiveness of weapons training in the way to upgrade the road. At the same time, you can also experience various interesting copies, field boss and many other contents along the way. After

have a direct full class set, if the battle force value to do a direct comparison (of course "in the" sword of the spirit no fighting, assuming that this attribute) 55 helicopter combat role is 10 thousand, even if you create a level 1 character, then all the way up to level 55 and the role of the fighting force, is likely not 10 thousand. The strength of

"in the role of the" sword of the spirit is largely dependent on weapons and gossip

but after having such a role, still need to do a lot of game player story line, also need to upgrade". But this is no longer a promotion, but a star". On the basis of full level, each player gets a promotion level experience, to enhance a star, star promotion, you will get a certain attribute points, used to strengthen the role attributes. The stars will be displayed in the form of "55 x stars".

so, "the sword of the spirit" has become almost a game, a game started from full level. The new game player into the "sword of the spirit", and compared to other games, game player role attribute "novice" to bovine X much, but much more can the content of the experience, after all, on the previous version of the content has been formed in numerical rolling.

even though it gave the player a full range of "real start" feeling, but combined with his star and up the way to develop equipment, but also have to say, this approach is also pretty fine.

on the one hand, the old game player, star can bring attribute income continuously, there is a constant pursuit of game player, daily tasks, such as to copy the general experience rewards would be wasted; on the other hand, for the new or old game player game player return, directly to a property the basic equipment, full level role, there are a large number of initial content can play, you can experience the new story, can also experience the old content before rolling, smooth cool feeling full. Moreover, the star attribute added is not very distorted, in the case of equal equipment development, and later players and old players between the property gap will not be too obvious.

this level of ascension and gives the player the goal, and "Diablo 3" in the peak of the same level. After Diablo 3, we've seen similar designs in many games. For example, "World of Warcraft" (hereinafter referred to as "Warcraft") in the artifact level, "DNF" in the reputation level.

DNF" in reputation system

note: Wow if the artifact as a role, the number of artifact is equivalent to the value of experience, after all gifts artifact was filled, and then further on is the peak level of DNF, full of game player; after the brush map experience will be accumulated to the reputation system, enhance the reputation rating, reputation grade no bonuses, pure appearance, although not too many game player can pursue, but the full level of income in the daily brush map in the game player experience value can not be wasted.

peak class can be considered a successful design. On the end of the tour, leveling is the core of a lot of fun online games, is also a major goal of many game player, for example, before there was a lot of Dailian studio grade. But after full class? Although the general game to the players to develop lines are enough, such as traditional equipment, pets, mounts, wings and other routines, but the players in the brush experience on this matter is not so persistent. Moreover, the experience gained in many daily ways is a wasted resource.

in the impression of grape king, the design of the peak class should be regarded as the second annotation of "full class is the real beginning" in the history of online games.

should be represented by Warcraft for the first time. In earlier versions of Warcraft, players only promoted characters to

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