Warcraft, Diablo, the concept of original artist Ruan Jia at aura: 10 years, these works are how to draw out?

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world-class Chinese original artist is not much, but the Ruan Jia is one of the absolutely -- he was "fighting 2", "halo", "World of Warcraft", "Diablo 3" and a variety of excellent game to draw the original painting, his works style gorgeous and strange, a faction that can often be just perfect fusion of various cultural elements.

some time ago, Ruan Jia by hero of mutual entertainment invitation in mutual entertainment hero talked about his growing experience, explained his paintings of the creation of scenarios, share some experiences and skills of painting, and created a simple painting on the scene.

the Ruan share part of the contents are as follows:

of my junior high school after graduation in an art school still plaster for a year, after a 3D Training Academy in the school for 4 months 3Dmax. In March,

2001, I found my first job as a 3D designer, and in 2007 I switched to the 2D concept designer and never touched 3D again. In 2008, I was invited to the studio in Canada, Canada in 2011, is engaged in the concept of the designer's work, 2 years later, I accepted the "2" battle of Offer, working for the project.

I spent 1 and a half years in Guild Wars 2, and I was invited by the studio of halo 343. I've been there for about 1 years, and I'm familiar with it, and I'm ready to go back home. They felt that I kept my word and decided to cooperate with me for a long time.

I've been back for about 1 years now. I will share the domestic class through the network in the form of abroad I share in lectures, such as Lisbon in Portugal, Italy, Rome, St Petersburg, Russia, Jakarta, Indonesia, I have to share. At the same time I also continue to participate in the "halo" production, 30-40 has drawn the original painting, but also 1-2 years to complete the project. The story behind

's work,

. This picture was painted for "guild wars 2". It was painted for 20 days, very fine. They said the theme was "Party" and "Chinese style".

" this weapon also draw very attention, I will try to put the real stuff into it, unlike some TV shows or movies, painting too gorgeous.

this is also an illustration for "guild wars 2". I painted it for 5 days after my work.

" foreign and domestic design is different, sometimes planning thought interesting gameplay, let the program and art together with some things; sometimes it is a piece of art concept, planning interesting, according to the original design level; sometimes the writer wrote a story, let the original planning and coordination of the story. In this way, all work together, each job will not work.

this is my according to plan and the idea of painting the original writer:

" this is the "2" battle tree city, I chose a relatively low angle, the center of the scene light fog.

" this is a drawing of 15 days of illustrations, is a research and development for the late publicity plan, their request is scare game player.

" this is my card draw for the original Warcraft entity, they love it.

" for the card before I drew 15 pictures about Blizzard, Blizzard is love, and I will sign the remote cooperation agreement. They painted me later. The first one is the "Diablo 3" the first picture in a Book:

second "World of Warcraft" is the sixth magazine cover:

is my only as a picture painted by Marvel:

"is a piece of Diablo 3", the female Christian army.

, when I return home, some friends say, "Ruan Jia, you should do some ancient design for the domestic project.". "This is a project to domestic painting concept map, lighting control, the day must have dark lines of light, to convey the feeling of oppression.

", this is for me
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