Six birthday party to fight brawl caused the death of others for fun

The horses Huang Moumou birthday party fight

zhonganzaixian· 2016-05-05 14:37:49

Align= >六人生日宴后欲打架取乐 群殴他人致其死亡(图)


in an online news according to Anhui Daily News. After the birthday party on some drink, the longevity of the horse all does not feel happy, with friends offer to on the road looking for a fight for fun. In the end, he will be his birthday gift - a knife as a tool to kill, cruel to a 17 year old innocent guy killed (reported). Yesterday, Hefei City Intermediate People's court sentenced to death penalty horses, 5 other people were also jailed. 6 people said the appeals court. < p > 17 year old guy walk in the street were killed innocent

< p > June 2015 11 morning 1 when Xu, police said a man, he and 17 year old friend Huang Moumou going out to buy snacks, in Hefei Qu Qing Long Tan Lu Lianbao apartment on the south side of the sidewalk, was beaten several unidentified armed men without, his escape after the alarm, the scene is unknown. < p > police rushed to the scene and found the victim Huang Moumou lying in the roadside green belt and systemic multiple stab wounds, after the 120 sent to hospital rescue invalid death. Huang Moumou after graduating from junior high school has been working, before the incident a few days in Hefei to find a job.

police set up a task force, from the incident surrounding surveillance video confirmed that there are 3 people and a company dismissed employees are similar, the police quickly identified 6 suspects. In cooperation with the railway police, a man was arrested on the K594 train. The police in Hefei, Jinzhai and other 5 people arrested.

it is understood that 6 per capita is 90, the biggest one is 21 years old. < p > < strong > birthday feast "Shouxing" proposal fun

< p > horse fighting all, fellow Ma Zhanfu, in through the open area workers know Gao Jian 4 people. June 10, 2015, the horse had a birthday, invited Ma Zhanfu and others to eat. The horse had to buy a knife, so that a friend gave himself as a birthday gift when he was eating dinner.

a table for three cases of beer. After dinner, horses have to wait six will be also few people sent back to the place, they continue to play along the green dragon pond road to riverside home district near the east gate, horse all proposal looking for a fight and other people hit it off.

looking for someone to fight must find a reason, the horse all have to arrange for the high health on the sidewalk to find the target. June 11th at 1 pm, 17 year old Huang Moumou and Moumou to nearby in ambush. Gao Jian stepped forward to deliberate collision and beaten Moumou, Huang Moumou and Gao Jian tussle. The horses have 5 people rushed out from the side of the road, to Huang Moumou hit. The horse has to use his own knife to stab the yellow so that the abdomen stabbed several knives, the Yellow Moumou stabbed down and then go to catch up with. The other 5 people holding a bamboo stick, knife, branches, or with the fist of Huang Moumou continue beating.

Ma was not able to catch up with so and so, had to return, with a knife stabbed Huang Moumou number of knives, this is to escape. < p > < strong > prime culprit was sentenced to death penalty for 6 people said to appeal

< br / >, unfortunately, Huang Moumou injury is overweight, rescue invalid death.

court that the horses were all who constitute the crime of intentional homicide, the judgment Ma all have to commit the crime of intentional homicide, sentenced to death, deprived of political rights for life. The other 5 were sentenced to 9 years to 13 years. In addition, 6 people together to compensate the economic loss of 33477 yuan incidental civil action.

horse all 6 people have said they will appeal in court.

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