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zhongguoxinwenzhoukan· 2017-07-11 21:11:24

says "no one"?

Ma's unmanned convenience store has at least 20 staff members,

. Do you think it's Yang Mi to take the king of cargo? No, the real prince is Jack ma. A few days ago at the Taobao Festival, Ma Yun's "nobody's convenience store" caught fire. In order to explore shop, we have spent three hundred dollars to buy a ticket.

to feel the heat up:

" in line for more than an hour later, you finally get a magazine called "Amoy coffee" no convenience store.

1. enter the door first scan code,

first into the store before, you need to use the mobile phone Taobao scan unmanned store entrance two-dimensional code, confirm the user agreement. That is, you don't have to go through your confirmation to agree to the charge. The permitted withholding ceiling is $5000 per day. Verify your identity and generate your own two-dimensional code.

this is equivalent to an entrance ticket for an unmanned convenience store. After the ticket has been scanned by the gate, the system will know you have entered the store. Like buying a ticket on the subway?

" if your face is blocked, can not successfully identify, in front of the staff will require visitors to take off the hat and glasses.

scan the code after entering, even if the phone is no electricity, nothing.

2. shopping,

store, there are several installed display table and physical shelf, providing virtual and physical two shopping methods. The shelf is a selection of Festival Limited items. Unlike traditional convenience stores, in any way, the entire shopping process does not require the use of mobile phones or scanning two-dimensional code. At least 20 staff members are helping visitors complete the experience.

" you can click on the screen, the screen of the goods into the shopping cart. At this time, open the phone Taobao, just selected goods have been synchronized to the mobile phone Taobao's shopping cart. That is to say, from sitting down, the camera above the desk has already known who you are through face recognition and automatically logged into your account.

Alipay said the current identity identification error rate is 0.02%, commodity identification error rate is 0.1%. Most of the physical goods at the

convenience store are selected from the festival, and which one can be taken away directly. Most goods can be automatically identified in packages.

in the process of selection of goods, no store will through the shelves at the top of the camera to capture all of the customer behavior and tracking of the guests the most love on which route, which is the most attractive shelf, what kind of commodity buyers up to … … these data are very important for businesses, they can be adjusted according to the data of inventory and goods display.

one-day ticket price 128 yuan sold, cattle sold 300 yuan

since it is a "Amoy coffee", has the dining area.

", "dining area" is not "no one", and the biggest difference between the catering area and the traditional restaurant is automatic payment. In front of the meal table, there is a small screen of face recognition, which can automatically recognize face, and report your odd number and waiting time, automatic deduction.

" recognition effect will be wearing glasses, fringe effect. The girl beside Zhou Jun didn't succeed in identifying, and could only pay by hand.

3. pays

exit, on the right is no shopping channel. As long as you hold the selected goods after the export of "settlement", Alipay will automatically deduct money, this process needs 2-3 seconds, so imperceptibly to chop hands.

have tried for a convenience store -- two hands no cross take goods; or two people take a commodity at the same time, one of them let go; many people get together to buy the goods; pocket, these cases are system the successful identification and accurate deductions.

"cheat" the system is the side of the door while holding a mobile phone to take pictures of customers. We don't know if this is because the phone blocks the human face or interferes with the sensing device. Some of the customers who put the merchandise in the bag were not identified. The RFID label, which is used by an unmanned convenience store, is indeed defective,

says. It can not cope with mobile phones, cameras into the payment door, nor identify special materials such as glass products. If you pay squeezed the label, it meizhe.

, before the advent of Amoy coffee, there have been several domestic convenience stores. They've got a stunt, and look at the convenience stores that don't need cashiers. What's that?.

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