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for reference only in the past few days, the king geek circle of friends is a screenshot scraper.

Wang Sicong last reply, just nine words to let Zhou Hongyi know what is loaded to force to be caught off guard.

has always been on the high side of cold van Wang Sicong, so interactive with Zhou Hongyi quite a bit surprising, so that at the beginning, many users think this screenshot is P out. As a result, 3 night, Zhou Hongyi himself in micro-blog drying screenshots confirmed the circle of friends.

, however, seems to have revealed something strange.

"Zhou, you play your wife know unfamiliar street

today you geek for everyone to talk about the style of elegant Internet mogul - Qihoo 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi. This guy has had a very high rate of camera appearances in the last two years. The best CP

Internet private plane didn't take off unexpectedly long, Zhou Hongyi lay a gun in his circle of friends, the other is not others, but Lei Jun.

"Zhou you two days in my circle of friends or do not speak...

... Lei? Lei Jun and Zhou Hongyi? Sounds like I've heard it before. Oh, no, where have you seen it? Let me think about it.

ah, this one.

2015" in the Wuzhen World Internet Conference on the evening of the second day, a "sleeping" Zhang Leijun affectionately on the TV pictures of Zhou Hongyi from the net outflow, the picture of the Zhou Hongyi in the rest on the chair and closed eyes, the Lei is looked at with an indescribable his eyes.

later, this photo was played by netizens, and it seems that everyone is not strange.

"red net reporter: one close to generate open

results it is not the end.

a year later, the third world Internet Conference officially opened, from all over the world Internet heavyweights and technology business executives gathered in Wuzhen. The king looked at the geek seating arrangements...

" if you told me that the staff did not mean I can not believe ah, you guys just want to rub some sub things (NICE) to engage in. But this year, but Zhou Hongyi learned on the morning of 16, Zhou Hongyi came to the scene at the opening ceremony, the seat next to the nameplate "Lei said:"

"I am absolutely not to sleep! To sleep is also sleep on the shoulders of … …

", "trough", this style simply can not imagine!! Besides, when you sleep on Lei Jun, do you want Dong Dong to do so? Minutes to take GREE mobile phone fall to you ah.

", but it's still two of you sitting together.

" is the court regulars, Zhou Hongyi

is self spree on the Internet stupid 3Q war is too many to count, and the most famous of the "Tencent". In September 27, 2010, 360 launched privacy protection, said QQ peeping user privacy, the new button buckle bodyguards can shield QQ, popups and advertising and other functions. Subsequently, QQ immediately pointed out that the 360 browser suspected of using yellow website promotion.


2012 famous event in November 3rd, the Tencent announced to stop the operation of QQ software with 360 software on the computer, the user must uninstall 360 software can log on QQ, forcing the user to choose a "two". The two companies staged a series of Internet battles from 2010 to 2014 in the interests of their respective interests and embarked on the road to action. The world calls the "3Q" event.

although the last 360 failed, but in the case of next year's Conference on the Internet, Zhou Hongyi and Ma Huateng met again, and the same frame photo, two people in hardship.

"Ma Huateng: recharge can not become strong, but can become young

Oh, you say that Ma Huateng's face frame. That was the function on the 360 mobile phone at that time, which means you can take pictures and measure the age of your face. Although this thing is not what exclusive Black technology, literally in the application market to find a camera software can also be achieved, and some homemade mobile phones also comes with.

but will be on the same day, Zhou Hongyi publicity own a mobile phone, caught who grabbed a self test face age.

is the first Sohu and NetEase and Zhang Zhaoyang Ding Lei:

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