Don't blame pregnant mothers. They're changeable and pregnant!

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pregnant, most pregnant mothers will appear a phenomenon:

originally hated food, but now put it down.

so this also made a lot of quasi dad busy, like a problem: the middle of the night to eat Stinky tofu! This must go where to find

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according to statistics, 76% of pregnant women that she is pregnant after the taste has changed.

these changes usually begin in the early part of pregnancy, and these strange changes disappear when they are born.


after pregnancy, taste what changes will happen?

"before eat, now do not like

this example very much.

: I like @benbaobao before pregnancy, love to eat egg leek dumplings, can be pregnant alone eat, see leek disgusting!

"did not eat, eat some now

pregnant mother who don't eat, feel very good after pregnancy.

, for example, @ fish: before the pregnancy, particularly hate to eat beef jerky, but now go to the supermarket, the first thing is to buy it.

"picky eaters, partial eclipse"

, especially like to eat some kind of food, and particularly hate to eat some kind of food. Such as @

: after my pregnancy, Niuniu fruit especially hate love to eat meat, vegetables.

"preference", "sour", "sweet", "hot", "salty" and so on

very much pregnant mother, after pregnant, fell in love with the hot and sour.

is like @ Xiao Yu: after pregnancy, hot and sour powder, pickled cabbage fish is the most favorite, as long as others mentioned, it has saliva dc.

"pica, such as plaster like this is sick, get treatment?!

had the news reported that a pregnant mother is pregnant, crazy love eat soil.

this phenomenon is rare, but it does not exist.

some expectant mothers want to eat anything that is not food, such as dust, chalk, soap, toothpaste or coffee grounds.

this phenomenon is called pica.

will appear during pregnancy such a performance, is likely to be a lack of nutrition signs, especially iron, it is recommended to go to the hospital to check. Why does

change her taste after pregnancy?

1. estrogen acts as a

. After pregnancy, the mother hormone levels increase.

in the role of hormones, pregnant mother body will secrete a large number of HCG, this substance on gastric acid secretion has a certain inhibitory effect, will affect the digestive enzyme activities, and thus will affect the desire for food.

2. this is a physiological response to protect the fetus,

experts believe that after pregnancy, taste and smell changes, is a physiological reaction to protect the fetus.

women will automatically reject foods that may cause fetal harm, such as caffeine, to avoid their threat to the fetus.

3. gets more nutrition needed by the fetus.

's mother is very honest and will automatically reject foods she does not like.

also knows what he lacks and wants to eat a certain kind of food, probably because the food contains some of the elements he lacks or needs for the fetus, so it will be preferred. Does it matter whether

tastes change and has male girls?

, whether it's "sour man, spicy woman" or "meat girl", has been explained many times by happy Mommy, "

doesn't fly.".

is still saying: "the change in tastes has nothing to do with the sex of the fetus. The sex of the fetus is only related to the chromosomes of the sperm.".

and the tangled boys and girls than healthy labor.

while pregnant, learn more about parenting knowledge, birth a lively healthy baby than anything.

finally, when the pregnancy is changeable, the pregnant mother doesn't have to worry or worry too much.

as long as it's not pica, it's okay to eat something right and eat a little more.

, but it is recommended to maintain a balanced diet, otherwise it is difficult to meet the daily needs of the baby.

as for the relevant pregnancy recipes recommended, you can reply in the background "Le Mama kitchen" you can get, updated every day, I believe there must be your recipe.

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