Thailand property market higher, Bangkok top domestic property to attract Chinese buyers

Thailand Bangkok the property market real estate

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" China Times (public No.: ChinaTimes) reporter Wang Haichun Shanghai reported

new hot Chinese overseas buyers in Thailand, increase the market.

by domestic restriction policy and other factors, domestic investors will asset allocation to overseas, but limited by the European and American Australian property market has introduced new restrictions policy, investors began to turn their sights on Southeast Asian countries Thailand. Recently, a number of Thailand projects have attracted Chinese buyers in the Chinese market.

7 10 seasons brand is located in Thailand, a Bangkok waterfront apartment apartment throughout the Chao Phraya River, began to attract domestic investors and buyers in mainland china.

close to the developers are expected to sell the unit price may be 40 thousand yuan / square meters. "This is only an estimate of the price. The price depends on the floor and the chamber.". "The aforementioned person said on July 10th that the price was basically in line with the prices in China's hot cities, and that a considerable number of people in China had the ability to buy.

it is understood that the project covers an area of 14 acres, located in the heart of Bangkok's golden section - the banks of the Mae Nam River, next to the two seasons and two hotels in the Royal family.

public information, the project developer Country Group Cmi Holdings Ltd in Thailand is one of the three major securities company, Country Group securities listed in Thailand stock exchange in 1993, has more than 50 financial advisers, retail and service institutions. As a result of the redevelopment plan, Country Group2015, Jan. 1, was renamed Country Group Cmi Holdings Ltd.

another equity partner of the project is a domestic housing prices. Founded in 153 in Beijing International Construction Corporation (BCEG), one of the main business is building and property management services. The core business of Beijing international construction also includes project construction, real estate development, international trade, investment, finance and so on.

Thailand also began to attract investors in China, then, in Bangkok, the local property market?.

it is understood that from the value-added rate, with the Bangkok CBD the supply of land is less and less, the first half of 2016 Bangkok housing prices rose to 319 thousand baht (about 63 thousand and 600 yuan / m2 / m2), or up to 5.23%.

overseas property agency said that around last year, the Thailand property market there have been many Chinese buyers, as well as for Chinese buyers of real estate brokerage firm. And Chinese buyers of Thailand property market attention, from last year, showing an upward trend.

home network monitoring data show that from last September to January this year, mainland China and overseas Chinese property visits to Thailand grew by more than 100%. In September last year, the highest level, the site's visit to Thailand property growth even up to 580%, the growth rate is much higher than the United States, Britain, Australia and other countries.

for the Thailand property market by China's concern reasons, some analysts believe that this is the current and future trends. As the Thailand Maritime Silk Road is an important part of the "China Belt and Road Initiative" in line with the interests of the two countries, Thailand through the "The Belt and Road" can accelerate the domestic infrastructure construction, and usher in more foreign investment. China can enter the ASEAN and even greater Mekong regions through Thailand, and re layout the product supply chain. People close to the

Country Group pointed out that the Thailand peninsula is located in the south central core, and adjacent Burma, Laos, Kampuchea, Malaysia, Southeast Asia had the natural advantage of geographical map. In Southeast Asia, Thailand is the second largest economy, the current political stability, economic development steadily, the middle class is gradually getting rich. Compared to 70 years of domestic property rights, the majority of Thailand apartments have permanent property rights, can be passed down from generation to generation.

Thailand, Bangkok Pattaya, Phuket Island City, is also Chinese love to travel, from the current housing prices in Thailand, the rental rate of return on the growth point of view, Thailand real estate is entering a period of rapid development. "The aforementioned sources said.

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