China tests rockets capable of hitting New Delhi

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data figure: 03 type long-range rocket firing

[global network reported on July 13th military Global Times special correspondent Li Suning Global Times reporter Liu Yang] "China in the India China border long-range rocket" recently on the Internet spread like wildfire. Media reports in Hong Kong and Taiwan say the Rockets can cover India, the capital of New Delhi". And the "Global Times" reporter found that the recent military media, there is no Liberation Army in the border between China and India long-range rocket fire shot news. Media reports in Hong Kong and Taiwan may be misinformed. In addition, media reports in Hong Kong and Taiwan on the "03 type rocket launcher with a range of 400 kilometers and a blow to New Delhi" have also been exaggerated. However, it is understandable that the Chinese armed forces, which shoulder the important task of safeguarding national security, carry out regular exercises in the territory of their own country and mobilize themselves to enhance their ability to safeguard national security.

tests long-range rocket launcher on the Tibetan Plateau

, Hongkong's "Oriental Daily" web site 12 reported that, the PLA's latest 03 long-range rocket launchers have been deployed to the border of China and India, and recently held live ammunition drills in the Qinghai Tibet plateau. "The analysis refers to the liberation army of some new rocket launcher, the longest range may reach 400 kilometers east of India, some military bases, and even Chinese border line distance more than 300 kilometers south of the capital New Delhi, are in striking range. "The article said, once there is something, the PLA is fully capable of commanding the use of long-range rocket launchers to cover the threat of India on the Qinghai Tibet plateau.

and Taiwan's ETTV cloud recently reported that the people's Liberation Army stationed in Tibet for 27 days of live test PHL-03 type 300 mm rockets, can play 400 kilometers from the capital of India, New Delhi. It is understood that the training in addition to exercise the high mountain cold ground mobile operational capability, may also take to India to indicate the attitude of the two sides of the border. "The

article said, according to the" China military official reported that Western Theater artillery unit 27 in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau live training rocket, may be Liberation Army active PHL-03 type 300 mm rocket; rocket has installed as "simple guidance" system, and precision attack missile like to let it get but, it is not cheap, 1 pieces of not less than 1 million yuan (about NT $4 million 490 thousand). In addition, PHL-03 type 300 mm multi tube rocket launcher range range from 40 km to 400 km, as long as the Tibet Liberation Army in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, you can directly hit the capital of India, New Delhi.

however, the "Global Times" reporter found that the picture is not ETTV cloud PHL-03 rocket, but a range near 122 mm rockets. Recent reports from China's military media have also found no news of the PLA's recent live firing of long-range rockets at the border between China and india. Media reports in Hong Kong and Taiwan may be misinformed.

long-range rocket launcher performance has been exaggerated,

foreign media reports said, 03 style 300 mm long-range rocket launchers, maximum range of up to 400 kilometers, and hit New Delhi. In this regard, an unnamed Chinese military expert on the "Global Times" reporter said, although the 03 type rocket in the world active rocket neutral can be one of the best, but the performance of overseas media on 03 type rocket exaggerated description. The experts said that in recent years the Zhuhai airshow does appear on the long-range rocket type close to 300 km range, such as A200, A300 rocket warhead launch will take the initiative to separation and the maximum range of rocket projectile, not only can be greatly improved, and the warhead can also re planning the flight trajectory, with strong penetration ability. But so far, there is no definite information to prove that the 03 - type rocket has a range of 400 kilometers. Generally, a maximum range of 03 basic type rocket type at about 70 kilometers, the use of new types of projectile range of over 100 kilometers, launched on the plateau, because of the air resistance and other reasons, the range will be increased, but not more than 400 kilometers, it is impossible to hit New Delhi.

in addition, even if the range can reach 300 km or 400 km of the rocket, the cost is relatively high, not like a real rocket as much for pressing operations and across the target coverage, its use is more like ballistic missiles, is mainly used for precision strikes against high-value targets. In short, the economy and high performance are a contradiction, even rocket launchers can not achieve the effect of missiles at the price of cheap rockets. But in general, the Chinese army, both rocket and heavy duty artillery, has the greatest capabilities over the India military. Moreover, the boundary line between China and India is that the Chinese side is relatively high and that the Chinese artillery has a range advantage, and it can cover a large number of Indian army bases and bases. Normal

drills are overinterpret

"Oriental Daily" said that in Xinjiang, people's Liberation Army Special Operations brigade also recently held a large number of airborne assault combat drills, special forces aboard the helicopter to the plateau deep rapid movement, and the implementation of landing parachute and the enemy after the action, the implementation of the raid task. Reported that the special warfare units equipped and has a variety of advanced equipment, including high-tech tactical helmet, new tactical vest, with new backpack and other new equipment. From the official broadcast footage shows that participated in the training of the commandos equipped with 95-1 assault rifles and light machine guns. Special team also has more than sniper, use 88

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