Once the king of the rising soft killing, and now there are only small Lions

Rising stars Beijing Shi Yuzhu Liu Xu

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yesterday changed the previous prosperous black fat big news coming out of a strange news...

result, there are many bad friends in the background, "what is rising?" "" rising unexpectedly still alive? " "

, he felt he was old...

so, today just to talk to you about the past, it is a part of the last glorious era that ~

or bad king on the primary school, the school computer using Windows 98 and Windows 2000, my father bought a "rush four" computer system, Windows XP.

"Pentium 4"

" Intel Pentium 4 is the launch of a CPU at the time, all are equipped with computer to "rush 4" proud of

and then that time suddenly broke out a "shock wave" virus, bad your home computer is caught.

later my father took the host chassis, back when the computer has been repaired, and to the poor gentleman face off a box of this ↓ ↓ ↓

Rising Antivirus 2003

years ago, only to find such a small map of

from bad Jun know that this world and anti-virus software this kind of thing!

fact that time has been rising anti virus this industry for 10 years ~

1985 years, there is a young man named Wang Shen in 22, the Institute of computing work, then Zhongguancun is the integration of urban and rural areas, but there are private technology enterprises with Stone Company led in.

later research office Wang Xin dissolved, seeing Zhongguancun business is getting better and better, the newspaper China heard missing al he resolutely opened a factory!

and then the pants are almost gone...

lost the urine of Wang Xin did not give up, ran to find Shi Yuzhu, Shi Yuzhu promised to help Wang Xin, and later forgot Wang Shen...

Shi Yuzhu

" (naobaijin game "journey" and become fashionable for a time, Shi Yuzhu is out)

heart unhappy Wang Xin to understand a truth through this thing: to have technology, develop their own products, in order to have a meal.

so in 1991, Wang Shen founded a company named "rising"".

computer anti-virus software is not software, but a kind of anti-virus card called "hardware", "rising" is dedicated to anti-virus card.

"Rising Card" "img_box"

is very easy to use, Rising Antivirus card at the time of a year sold more than 10 thousand sets (at the place of computer are not many, this is a very scary number).

Wang Xin then feel anti-virus card burst out of their own home, no anti-virus card to increase investment, but to take the money and run to sell real estate.

at the same time, another cock burst came, he called Wang Jiangmin, is also anti virus, but to do is anti-virus software, he made a call KV200 antivirus software, the ability to have hardware anti-virus card be roughly the same.

's too long, only to find the KV300

" when an outbreak called "ghost virus" thing, Jiangmin antivirus software killing efficiency is particularly high, the market was praised, quickly seize the market.

is busy with the rising of real estate... Over time

Wang Xin reaction, It is all up with anti-virus card, their products are Jiangmin products hung up, so he also began the transition of antivirus software.

1999, the CIH virus outbreak, most of the computer are lying, rising quickly launched a repair tool and Zhuanshagongju, Jiangmin did not, so Zhongguancun dealers once again to pay attention to the rising, rising sales began to rebound, even sold a month turnover of 8 million results! (that's 1999!)

by 2003, rising in the domestic market share of personal antivirus software once reached 60%, in that era, as long as you in China online, it is impossible not to know rising!

at that time, rising sales reached 700 million a year.

at the same time, rising rival Kingsoft to grab the market, launched a price reduction strategy.

Jinshan publicity is "everyone can afford to buy high-quality anti virus software"

" and the company is divided into two factions, one faction to Wang Xin led to Jinshan hard just a price war, one is the chief engineer Liu Xu led, enhance claims the quality of the products, the last Liu Xupai victory.

so the rising sun once again paid off the pants...

has lost 4 months, and the planned listing plan has been cancelled...

subsequently resigned under pressure, and since then, Liu Xu has taken the road of no importance to R & D, focusing only on public relations and marketing. The most famous is the

China shocked the entire computer industry "dot" case event. The departure of Liu Xu

had a named anti-virus software, the main active defense, can judge the disease through behavior

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