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", "buyer" means the contract "need to pay the building money", which is added by the intermediary. Nandu reporter Yang Ting photo

Nandu news reporter Yang Ting "intermediary back" I changed the purchase contract, let me lose 50 thousand yuan. "Lo public report said yesterday, he commissioned the Baiyun District, a real estate intermediary to buy second-hand housing, will be placed in the contract is modified agency custody, without an intermediary add" returned "to the floor in the building time, Mr. Luo cannot in the hand floor, leading to the breach of contract to the seller said terminate the contract. After the signing of the supplementary agreement agreement, property prices rose 75 thousand yuan over the original, of which Mr. Lo paid 50 thousand yuan, intermediary companies advance 25 thousand yuan. Intermediary companies said that some employees have left, at present through the property intermediary association to deal with the matter.

buyers will contract by the agency to take custody of

according to Mr. Luo, the end of February this year, a real estate intermediary company he Wu Cun through the Baiyun District of Huangshi Lu Ma to buy a set of second-hand housing, then signed three copies of the "housing sales contracts", as stipulated in the contract, a total of 1 million 975 thousand yuan, the first payment of 545 thousand yuan, pay the balance in the form of bank mortgage. The handover time is agreed before May 1st this year. Because it is uncertain when you can apply for transfer procedures, so the contract on the transaction transfer procedures deadline is not completed, the buyer Mr. Luo and the seller, Miss Ma both oral agreement, according to the actual date prevail.

because the second-hand housing property for two couples, the seller Miss Ma husband for business future signature site, Mr. Luo so will own the contract to the intermediary Mr. Lu, please him Miss Ma to help her husband back from his trip he signed. Mr. Luo said, a few days after miss her husband to come back, they go for a sign written contract, "the agency that has been placed later, I didn't care.

4 month, Mr. Luo to get bank loan with the "book", is expected to be in accordance with the contract in May 1st before the transfer to the floor, when he told the seller Miss Ma together to the housing authority for transfer procedures, Miss Ma told Mr. Luo "," default to a lawyer and her talk.

said the agency to amend the contract

Miss Ma lawyer in Seller's behest called "the contract to be delivered before May 1st," Mr. Luo, intermediary Mr. Lu to return to their original purchase contract, discovered that the original to the floor in time behind also added a "returned floor". "Why didn't I change the contract without my consent?" "Mr. Luo felt angry, intermediary Mr. Lu said that in the seller, Miss Ma inspired by adding this sentence.

Mr. Luo the contract in place before the intermediary to take pictures, the reporter saw the Nandu contract pictures show, "the seller to deliver the property to the buyer to use the date handover time before May 1, 2017". Subsequently, Mr. Luo provided the same position in the contract, but after the handover time added a sentence "need to pay the floor."".

4 month 23 days, Miss Ma to Mr. Luo sent "to suspend the performance of the house sale contract notice", referring to Mr. Luo "even immediately into the charge transfer, you can not be bank loans before May 1, 2017 lending to us, so you absolutely can't be paid until May 1, 2017," to terminate the contract, and Mr. Luo on the grounds of breach.

Qianbuchongxieyi prices rose 75 thousand yuan

and intermediary companies involved in the coordination of the parties in a negotiation, Miss Ma proposed to sign the supplementary agreement, at this time, rose to 2 million 50 thousand yuan, than the original contract, rose 75 thousand yuan, the intermediary company agreed to help Mr. Luo Luo pays 25 thousand yuan, Mr. another 50 thousand yuan. "The house I bought was for marriage, and I couldn't pull it anymore.". "Under the circumstances, Mr. Luo agreed to the supplementary agreement and completed the procedures on June.".

Mr. Luo said, with the surrounding property prices rise, the seller is not satisfied with the time of transaction prices, so we hope to modify the purchase contract, he can understand, but make him angry, "intermediary charged me a commission, does not work for me, but my pit. "

in this regard, the intermediary company responsible for the response to Mr. Zhang, the staff have indeed modified Mr. Luo's contract, has been leaving, recently he and Mr. Rowe to the property intermediary association to deal with the matter. "First signed a supplementary agreement, the house is over the household, don't know why he is now pursuing. "Mr. Ye said," this is not the responsibility of one party, employees should not arbitrarily modify the contract, but Mr. Luo should not have to pay the contract to the intermediary custody, "he left the contract in the hands of intermediaries, what is the starting point? The lawyer "


the revised contract intermediary not legally binding in Beijing city (Guangzhou)

's lawyer Feng Shifeng said, because intermediaries modify the lo written purchase contract, the contract is not legally binding, but also can see the contract for transfer procedures not limited to write clearly what date of completion. In view of the subsequent signing of the supplementary agreement, it is proved that Mr. Luo has already approved this kind of treatment, and the supplementary agreement shall prevail.

remind the industry, the public signed the purchase contract, the original should be kept by themselves, can not be handed over to third people or intermediaries to keep, or easily be tampered with. In addition, where any modification is made, each modification shall be signed by the parties to the contract

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