Simon live new routine 25 minutes was loaded with dragon Liushen five killed!

Live broadcast lol player

youxishiguangVGTIME· 2017-07-14 10:00:14

anchor Simon year hand sword Ji 11 seconds five knife stunts in the old LOL game player is that no one knows, one representative of the words used to describe a hero Simon is appropriate. I believe that many game player are also remember year old sword Ji dominate the terror, the sword Ji output can only be described by four words, that is to be brutal and inhuman!

" especially Simon a second five knife sword Ji popularity, the hero is both combat capability or rate of direct debut on a few steps. The first series of LOLer should have been remembered, and how graceful and bloody that Simon's Waltz was! Unfortunately, since the major revision after the sword Ji lost dignity as an assassin, the transformation became a single soldier, and although Simon still is a new version of the sword Ji top game player, but Simon probably never with this strange blend of the sword ji.

" although now Simon played sword Ji is less frequently, but for the old Simon powder is a good thing, because the rich live content Simon many, expanded the hero pool at the same time watch does not decline! Simon recently began to play a giant Sao very routine, Baolong five auxiliary tianzhinu!

" can see Simon dragon even in less than 25 minutes to kill the enemy base before the anger took a five killed, and have almost Liushen installed... A luxury equipment to output the output of meat is meat dragon there are four kinds of auxiliary blood plus shield to accelerate the resurrection, is the LOL's top enjoy there!

" finally Simon no accident a massacre in the end, but also scored 66 heads, this routine is simply insane is there! Unfortunately, the death of Simon game once, I wonder if he will be 0 live next time to challenge the death of it?

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