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play is the child's nature, in the play, he can experience the joy of life, but also the development of intelligence. But if the child is always eating and playing, then mom and dad should pay attention to it!

children play while you eat the digestive absorption effect of

damage under normal circumstances, the human body in the blood during the meal will be gathered in the stomach, to strengthen the digestion and absorption of food. Baby play while eating will make part of the blood was assigned to other parts of the body, thereby reducing the blood flow to the stomach, impede the full digestion of food, the digestive function weakened, causing children anorexia.

easily anorexia,

children eat a few mouthfuls of rice to play for a while, it is necessary to extend the meal time, meals cool, easy to be contaminated, but also affect the digestive function of the gastrointestinal tract, aggravating anorexia mood. If the diet nutrition long-term cannot keep up, will cause the child to be short stature, frail.

children in kindergarten meals performance,

although children at home often do not eat well, but he has good eating habits in kindergarten, why is this? Originally, kindergarten pays great attention to the development of children's eating habits!

in order to prevent the child due to excessive excitement and influence normal eating, fifteen minutes before eating, the teacher will not let the child for strenuous exercise. At this point, the teacher will lead the children to some quiet activities, such as listening to music and listening to stories. You also need to take your children to the bathroom, wash your hands, and avoid the bathroom.

table, the teacher will put some soothing music for children, in order to let the children love every kind of food, sometimes the teacher will inspire children according to their own preferences to the food name, then guide the children to safety, health, polite eating.

after the meal, the teacher will ask children to swallow the food in the mouth after leaving the table, but also easy to pick up their own tableware, and put the dishes in the specified location, the dramatic activities are not carried out in less than half an hour.

how to correct the child while playing the bad habit of eating

provide a suitable

for help tableware tableware eating independently of children. Plastic chopsticks easily broken, easy to slide, bamboo or wood can prepare for the infant's chopsticks, generally three times the length and thickness of children hand width to fit grip is appropriate. The utility model is preferably a square shape and a chopstick with a front end texture, and the utility model is not easy to slide when used, and is convenient for children to pick up food; and the bowl is light, fragile, easy to hold and wide and deep at the bottom.

regular meal time,

between meals, eat less snacks, sweets, high calorie food. Some parents fear that children are hungry, bite is a spirit of the idea to add all kinds of snacks non meal time, children's intake of these high sugar, high calorie diet, caused by hyperglycemia, brain central satiation excited central intake is suppressed, will feel no appetite. Some parents will snack as a reward for eating, children only think of snacks in the brain, which can eat well, so the best time to eat fixed, so that children at each meal before the "hunger" feeling". Two meals of not less than 3.5 hours, on time for dinner.

eating speed for

don't gobble, don't dawdle procrastination. For more difficult to eat children, parents do not have a lot of rice at a time, to encourage him to eat more, but not reluctantly, a bowl of not enough to eat, you can add. In this way, young children will feel a sense of accomplishment for their little progress. Children's appetite is not very good at every meal, and sometimes eating less is normal.

to create a good atmosphere for meals,

before meals and meals, parents do not criticize or nag children, as far as possible to keep him happy, and can concentrate on eating. When parents eat, don't watch TV, newspapers or books, concentrate on eating, give children a good example, and also can have a pleasant dialogue with children. In conversation during the meal, should be talking about the related food topic, can praise the delicious meals, do not emphasize what food is not good, thus affecting the feelings of children to meal.

believes that as long as parents change a bit, they can let their children fall in love with eating, eating safety, eating healthy!

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