Dissatisfaction with the United States refused to buy F16 threat divestment batie f 20

F16 senior officials funds air force

huanqiushibao· 2016-05-05 16:32:46

reports said the United States and Pakistan have long maintained close relations, had joined forces to support jihad in Afghanistan who guerrillas, who eventually in 1989 the invasion of Soviet troops out of Afghanistan. However, the 9/11 terrorist attacks by Al Qaeda (al-Qaeda) in Afghanistan, the United States and Pakistan to enter a more complex relationship between the period, during which the U.S. military to help overthrow the regime in Taliban. U. S. troops are still fighting with the militants in Pakistan, and Taliban to provide a safe haven for the latter. < p > Washington also to Pakistan support other Islamist terrorist organizations feel unhappy, and U. S. President Barack & rsquo; Barack Obama (Barack Obama) has said, Islamabad equipment battlefield nuclear weapons is "wrong direction" lockstep, these weapons will increase the risk of nuclear conflict in Pakistan and India. < although the United States has not been canceled sell 8 additional F16 fighter jets to $7 billion, but it has withdrawn the proposal by the United States for the contract to provide credit, because both parties in Congress have MP has asked Pakistan to make which a member called "behavior change", to stop supporting terrorism. < "initially, the United States in the eighties of the last century to we provide F-16 fighter jets, then Pakistan's close ally, then the United States in 1990 moratorium on the sale, but in the 9 / 11 terrorist attack after the resumption of sales," Pakistan Air Force one former generals said. "Even if the problem is solved, Islamabad will have no one to trust the Americans. I am worried that the growing sense of the Pakistan policy circle is that we are not as from Russia and China to buy other aircraft, to obtain a more reliable supply guarantee. "

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