Mali: poor, but not alone

Mali branches salute Allah

jingzhonglankui· 2016-05-05 16:32:50

Author: Li Qingyin

wearing a piece of cloth, the head of a pile of things, the child back cross, hand bag. This is a true portrayal of women in Mali. In the patriarchal polygamy countries, is rarely seen men head something out of work. Supreme status of men in the home, in addition to women busy with housework, but also go out work to earn money to support their families. Backward economy has made the people of Mali to toothbrush so little life activities, are not a luxury, can only be used twigs molar to replace brushing.

in Mali, children mostly dressed in shabby clothes, barefoot, they have no transformers, had a Barbie doll, no radiant, more there is no Altman, a football to play for these children is the best toy. However, poor and backward status quo does not prevent children desire for knowledge, to the school time, visited the children carry a handbag, some just take a few books, and only family good to back schoolbag, towards the village primary school to go. Among them there are five or six years old children, sixteen year old boy, but regardless of age difference, they will sit in the same classroom, possibly is because affected by economic conditions, so school age period different. And the children can not afford to learn, they will give up their studies trying to make money to make a living. < p > standing in the vehicles travel the road, some sell a towel to sell some ice water, pausing at some traffic lights time, holding glass brush glass, shuttle vehicles in an endless stream, one not careful there will be traffic accident, but they in order to survive, they have to choose what?

despite the impoverished life, but still can be seen everywhere in the Malian people that simple good national wind. Treat the Chinese people, whether it is an adult or a child, they are very friendly. When sitting in the car driving on the road, their early will to you waving shouting "hello" king a standard does not salute to you; when you show them a gift of public goods when they will use Chinese to say thank you; when you ask for help, they will not seek any cost without compensation service. < p > in the face of begging in the disabled elderly, without any begging language without any lunch boxes, such as tools, the past staff will took out coins handed to his hand. Some forget to give, after he came to think of the past and will return to supply him, such a move on my feelings very deep. Even if there is no money to charity, but also can sit down together to accompany the elderly to chat, from the old man's brilliant smile, showing the poor but not alone happiness.

every time when the church's "the holy book" rings out. Is the Malian people the most sacred moment, and pray. They believe that Allah will give them strength, will give their lives to bring peace and good luck, it is this belief in the people have been supporting the people of life is full of infinite longing for life.

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