"Cyber punk 2077" new information: you'll see people of all walks of life

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youxishiguangVGTIME· 2017-07-15 10:59:45

so far, we CD Projekt Red the "cyberpunk 2077" is poorly understood, but thanks to the game's creative consultant Mike Pondsmith, in his recent interview with Gamereactor revealed more about "cyberpunk 2077" information, especially the role of classification in the game.

first, Pondsmith said, "cyberpunk" adapted from the 2077 century 90s classic table RPG "cyberpunk" (2020 Pondsmith in the making of "cyberpunk 2020".). In the "2077" cyberpunk, game player can choose the first person or third person game, the game takes place in a named "Night City" open world metropolis, no one here to use English, so the game player requires the use of implants (presumably chip?) Translation, a better implant can make translation more accurate. In addition to the single mode of the game, there will be multiplayer modes, and there will be flying carriers in the game.

"CDPR second, and the upper works of the Witcher 3: the wild hunt" compared to "2077" in the cyberpunk developers more, any items on the scale than the development team have done all. "The Witcher 3: composer Marcin Przyby owicz mad hunt" will also be in the "2077" in the cyberpunk regression, music for games. But these are almost all known information, so what about the new content? Pondsmith revealed that part of the role of "punk punk 2020" will appear in "cyber punk 2077". When the interviewer asked

Gamereactor to reporters, such as rock singer like "category 2020" characters in the cyberpunk will appear in the "cyberpunk 2077" in Pondsmith, the answer is: "yes. "

," he replied. "They'll all show up. The players will find some surprises in them, and you'll love the way we show them.". I and Adam (Kici ski, CDPR co CEO) spent a week to think about how to integrate them with the world, so you will have more in common with their roles. "

" cyberpunk 2020 "in figure is divided into the following categories: police, enterprises, Fixer (such as information intermediary, smuggling businessman), media, Netrunner (hackers), tramp (street fighter), Rockerboy (the song against the authority of the rock singer), Solo (assassin and bodyguard etc.), personnel and technical personnel and medical technology (street doctor), is not clear whether all these occupation, the way in which appear in the game.

"cyber punk 2020" is still in development, the game will be landing PS4/Xbox One/PC, the sale date is uncertain.


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