Classic "blue + white" hue, trendy fashion will learn!

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jiatingyishengzaixian· 2017-07-16 13:43:34

hot summer, not only air-conditioning, fan cooling, but also to visually give the baby cool". Cool blue attune is probably in the summer to color the most comfortable collocation one, and give people different mugginess dark blue collocation, both classic and fashion + smooth and clean white collocation, very suitable for the sunshine tide baby oh! In this period, Xiaobian to share the following look stylish blue + white collocation, the kids also quickly learn it ~

". The white shirt + blue bottoms < /p>

we common is probably the white shirt + blue costume collocation. Like the simple white T-shirt collocation with casual jeans, although simple, but shows confidence and fashion.

popular white strapless coat collocation cool ripped jeans, carrying a small bag on a pair of sunglasses, full tide girl fan!

" for the boy, holes in jeans can also be collocation of white shirts, concave a handsome pocket shape, incarnation little metrosexual man.

Monogram white coat collocation blue worn jeans, and finally to the white shoe finishing, echoed up and down.

lady fantasy Tulle lace shirt collocation denim trousers, comb a neat ponytail, leisure can also double temperament.

" of course, if you want more kids collocation cool, can also be white vest shorts with a little cowboy collocation, Frank van street.

love some cute girls may wear blue denim skirt collocation, white T-shirt or shirt, show the charm of the sun!

" blue trousers and knit cap under the call, collocation of white polo shirt and white shoes, color contrast is not lack of fashion sense.

" can also be a white coat collocation blue jeans with a belt, with a pair of white shoes, create cute cute cute doll image tide.


+ white and blue coat to say the classic blue shirts, denim shirts must not all-match, small skirt or pants outfit collocation is very good, so the blue + white collocation is not only suitable for kids, is also good for Dad mom: oh!

denim shirt collocation of white trousers, and wearing a pair of sunglasses small, let the boy becomes the second tidal range of metrosexual man!

will also take a denim shirt as the coat collocation is good-looking, white pants and sandals, cute chick looks Meng da!

", of course, love the wind elegant gentleman boy might also be prepared on a blue shirt and white pants collocation, handsome pose belt concave, minute attracted countless fans!

" blue sleeveless shirt collocation dream lady lace dress, wearing a knitted cap, highlighting the strong holiday customs.

" blue denim jacket collocation Strapless white trousers, and then carry on the small bag, leisure and fashion have you ~

light blue striped shirt collocation retro temperament suspenders, a collocation double blue Doug shoes, little metrosexual man was born!

". The full set of blue and white shoe last

to share is a full set of blue and white shoes collocation, little boys can wear classic denim jacket, a shirt and polka dot light blue shorts, culminating in a pair of white shoes, unparalleled tidal range!

denim suit has cool presumably did not need to say, to put a handsome pose, how to look cool!

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