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Wa~'s love and hate summer is here! In the heat of summer, if Mommy wants to take care of the baby better and let the baby relax through the summer, some artifact is essential. Then, summer baby essential artifact (supplies) what? Let's take a look at it next!


, a visual China refreshing summer essential three artifact

children's shampoo cap many mothers have such troubles, the baby at home a shampoo is crying, crying a water and shampoo it is easy to enter the eyes sometimes the baby and ears, hands scratching hair, make bubble everywhere...... Almost every shampoo is a great test for mom. So, how do you make your baby fall in love with a shampoo? Don't worry, Mommy can choose a flexible touch for the baby, the baby head circumference comfortable fit children shampoo cap. Let the baby in the shampoo process, not only can alleviate the discomfort, but also let the baby fall in love with summer shampoo oh!

" - children's inflatable swimming pool

the pace of summer with the arrival of June is more obvious, the kids want to "swim" gradually be careful thinking. The baby swimming can not only reduce the hot summer heat, the baby in the water self body movement, but also enhance their bones, muscle flexibility and flexibility, promote children's intellectual development and healthy growth. However, there are a lot of Mommy will worry about the outside swimming pool is not sanitary or inconvenient, actually want to let the baby swim nor to other places, directly in the home for the baby to build a "children's inflatable swimming pool" can let the baby swim ~

baby mat

summer is not good sleep, Mommy can absorb sweat the mat to change baby, help the baby to sleep Oh cool. But, in the purchase of baby mat, Mommy should pay attention to: must choose good texture, positive smooth without thorn, corner clean and tidy mat. In addition, the mat colors, may contain dyes, chemicals and other harmful substances, easy to cause the baby allergic inflammation of the skin, so it is necessary to try to avoid in the selection, selection of color, natural color of the mat.

", "get" and above "three cool" artifact, are you mommy?

two, the summer daily necessary nursing artifact

hot weather, in addition to providing a cool summer for the baby, but also for the baby's skin escort! Because the baby in the summer skin is the most easy to suffer, sweating and baby is 3 times that of adults, so dermatitis and eczema, prickly heat and other skin problems is the enemy of summer...... To let the baby skin to healthy summer, must take care and prevention, especially need to pay attention to 3 kinds of daily cleaning of skin care products. For example: the lower down

1. shampoo bath: must be chosen for the baby care products special baby products; natural ingredients, to reduce skin damage and sensitization; pH value is the best choice for 5.5-6.5 range.

2.", "buttocks protection cream": "" in summer, the baby will appear red buttock phenomenon. Mommy can choose a natural, non stimulating hip care product, and apply it every time you change diapers or diapers.

3. sun care: skin care baby , sunscreen alone is not enough, the skin should be promptly clean, care, soothing skin after sun dry state.

three, refreshing summer mosquito essential artifact

in the summer, the baby faced 3 enemy: exposure, eczema, prickly heat, mosquito bites. And to deal with rampant mosquitoes, there are two main measures: prevention + care.

1. mosquito: which requires the use of special children, not to hurt the skin of the mosquito repellent liquid / toilet water, can also buy mosquito repellent stickers or electric mosquito coils. However, in this to remind you, Mommy, after the baby finished painting, do not let the baby near the fire source, and do not ignite the mosquito repellent incense or smoking next to the baby, in case of accidents. Nursing care of

2. bites: baby's delicate skin most likely to provoke mosquitoes, but also particularly serious bites and redness nanxiao. Therefore, it is necessary to buy effective anti swelling products. Speaking of here, mother can choose "artifact" Burt's Bees small bee magic shikonin cream Oh!

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