Why are breastfeeding mothers less and less? See the data, was a little chilly!

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a few days ago I desperately to Tucao said: a lot of the promotion of breastfeeding, even demonized breastfeeding, which makes the milk feeding mother how live? Isn't this a complete chain of disdain?!

personally, I understand her feelings very well. Breastfeeding is good, but it's hard to do it, and it's so hyped up that it's constantly being demonized!

how many people can really breastfeed in reality? We look at a set of data:

" according to the National Planning Commission released data show that infants 0-6 months of exclusive breastfeeding rate was 27.8% (the average was 38%), among them, the countryside is 30.3%, the city was 15.8%. In 1998, China's breast-feeding rate was still 67%!

, coupled with preterm infants, has a lower breast-feeding rate, which is only around 10%, so most premature babies in China are stunted. So low breastfeeding rate, mom, what happened in the end and gave up?

01", "milk powder" marketing is too fierce!

babies have not yet been born, so mothers have been bombarded with big milk ads...... Some mothers Amoy or friends, purchasing, and so on, milk sales and prices are booming.

plus a lot of milk ads are under the name of adding XXX nutrients, babies eat smarter, healthier and so on, leading to many mothers feel that milk powder is better than breastfeeding......

02 it's too bad to breastfeed!

many maternal and child rooms in public places are useless, and many expectant mothers simply don't have it! Some mothers were nursing on the subway, and the results were photographed and criticized by micro-blog: "Xing organs are exposed in public."!!!

it's difficult to breastfeed under such pressure, and the best solution is to bring milk on the road at any time......

03, life pressure, resulting in no milk!

modern many expectant mothers have work in the body, but also face housing prices, mother-in-law relations and so on all kinds of pressure, can not carry it, there is no milk......

04 insufficient knowledge of breastfeeding! Some

Mama lack of breastfeeding knowledge, and have some people adhere to the "better" than breast milk, no milk or mother-in-law scold you to raise the child so thin, took no return milk......

" can be seen, the mother of milk powder is also a variety of bitter forced reasons. Ladies and gentlemen, please do not despise the eyes of the mother of milk, people have their choice, no good or bad points. But the road of breastfeeding still needs a long way to go.

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