Dance scuffle! "Cang wing recorded" role cross new published

Game Cang wing recorded RWBY night birth

youxishiguangVGTIME· 2017-07-17 09:31:47

recently held in Las Vegas fighting game conference EVO2017 (Evolution Championship Series), Arc System Works announced a new work "taokaka Cross Tag Battle", scheduled for 2018 landing home platform.


the station address outstanding "Cross" theme, in addition to "taokaka" series character of "death" Ragnar debut, "persona 4 arena" in the midnight cry on, "night fall" in Hyde, the "RWBY" in the Ruby Rose will debut, from the works of different characters gathered, staged a "cross" scuffle.

works, "taokaka" series, "night" series, "drop persona 4 midnight" and other works for the arena Arc System Works issued a 2D fighting game, "RWBY" is for Europe and the United States Rooster Teeth produced 3DCG animation studio, was adapted for action game "RWBY Grimm Eclipse", this is the first time for the role of fighting game appearance.

the following is a producer for the construct of Higuchi was contrived new role:


Ruby Rose

"sin made equipment" series of Arc System Works company to launch the gorgeous animation style 2D fighting game is known, this is the company's latest project, must be able to bring a new experience as the game player 2D fighting game.


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