The India mountain force also calls its "destroyer" the destroyer"

India armored vehicles howitzer South Africa

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the border standoff between China and India in the San Lang region has been deadlocked for more than a month, and there is no sign of detente for the moment. That according to the current situation, if the next time the two countries can not at the negotiating table to reach a diplomatic settlement, then the Indian armed forces are likely to stick to snow plateau closing season autumn.

since the border confrontation between China and India was disclosed by the media, the political analysis and equipment interpretation of the two armed forces of both China and India has been "sweating cattle full calf", "meow king" in this does not intend to repeat. It was recently in India's military browsing information discovered some very interesting things, if not it will stand out there and share with you what a pity. So I will stay up his meow king, only to introduce a India artifact many readers had probably never heard of, called India "portable sniper gun" "destroyer" 20 mm anti materiel sniper rifle.

" destroyer anti materiel sniper rifle, is really a portable device, and the diameter of 20 mm is amazing, portable sniper gun

worthy of the name that is not a whim I give it a meow Jun two name what ghost in the blind. Formerly known as the "family Vidhwansak" Sanskrit translation call "destroyer". This cargo is currently stationed to carry it out in the Himalaya Range south of the India mountain division. The big guns, number of equipment may be between hundreds to one thousand. The destroyer is currently in the confrontation between the Indian army and I can quickly call the most accurate a basic fire suppression weapon, a special skill that is able to play up to 20 mm caliber sniper giant bomb. The sniper bullet 1 to the top 1 big cigar in his hand, adult males will appear small hands, if the destruction of human target in range were hit directly to the fog to attack burst bleeding, permanent fortifications or can easily open a big hole in general ground armored vehicles.

20 mm sniper bullet is a concept of what? In a thick cigar than Robusto thick, let look at the adult male hands are significantly smaller

that is not destroyed the only skill. The use of 20 mm sniper giant bomb usually difficult to send, in order not to make the gods X oil sniper cannon into decoration, the destroyer at the beginning of the design was the introduction of a special talent is rare in the anti materiel rifle in: flexible switching of multi caliber gun, including the most common anti equipment sniper rifle 12.7 mm ammunition and less common 14.5 mm ammunition. Since the two India heavy machine gun ammunition and mountain troops used the same caliber, so the destroyer can be used directly in the dress of the 12.7 mm heavy machine gun projectile barrel, thus greatly reduces the pressure of the Indian Army Logistics (you know the Indian army logistics is a very bitter, this design is for the benefit of the destroyer Untouchables).

" destroyer of a side magazine is relatively rare in modern sniper rifle ammunition and multi barrel design, so may have different basic properties of new in order to be different

a big reason it was spotted by India destroyer with different diameter of the barrel when. In the use of 12.7 mm barrel total weight 25 kilograms, the gun muzzle velocity of 1.7 meters long, 845 meters per second, a range of 1800 meters; using a 14.5 mm barrel total weight 29 kilograms, the gun muzzle velocity of 2 meters long, 1080 meters per second, a range of 2300 meters; using a 20 mm barrel full weight 26 kg the gun, 1.8 meters long, muzzle velocity of 720 meters per second, a range of 1300 meters. Ideally, perform ordinary fire suppression tasks with 12.7 mm ammunition, perform long-range precision sniper missions is 14.5 mm, and 20 mm ammunition is generally used to deal with permanent fortifications and armored vehicles and other high-value targets.

sounds like these data are very cow X, but it was as a kind of India domestic artifact, and other weapons like India has a problem, that is not affected by the number of armed forces.

destroyer is the prototype of South Africa Daniel defense company NTW-20 recoiless rifles, India army is their biggest haul a Boston

yes, although the paper performance of the destroyer does look very X days, and looks very avant-garde design ideas science, however this is India, after a Himalaya Range ice water flowing through the land can become a constant River in India, you can expect the India army actual things and paper on the design of

is of course impossible as like as two peas? In fact, the goods from the equipment to the India line mountain troops after being Tucao, mainly concentrated in two aspects: the slot of this gun is too heavy or too long. The lightest of the 12.7 millimeter barrels weighed 25 kilograms, and the gun was close to the height of 1 adult males. In contrast, China army the same caliber 12.7 mm anti materiel sniper rifle (QBU-10 10 spy) all heavy

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