Sell VR box send small porn, actually want to earn one hundred million two years

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with the state of the VR box involving Huang and other phenomena of the punch line, a treasure on the "buy seeds to send boxes", this hot scene has become history. Before that, many speculators who saw similar opportunities were already making pots full of money. When these shoddy VR boxes lose their erotic elements, they naturally fail to meet the needs of certain consumers". Under such circumstances, a large number of VR boxes unsalable, many follow the trend of the speculators also paid a painful price accordingly.

examples of It is often seen. even in far apart, and Huaqiang North Beijing, we met a living example.

" arrogant "liquidation practitioners claim that no pressure

in yesterday's cash share activities Sina VR years during the king, in order to facilitate the participants to communicate, we set up a communication group. When the participants into the group, there is such a "practitioner:

"was in a group you must also see buddy, the practitioner is one of the participating exhibitors, greetings start with the realization of this topic with contempt, even with sarcastic tone that" you are low burst"!

is the so-called master in folk, after the great momentum quell, buddy group in silence. As the media, in the attitude of learning, we sent a reporter with the claim that "no cash pressure" to God for a more in-depth communication, not for anything else, just as the name card issued by him: "

Sexy VR, VR sex! "

in his VR box too late 2000W

unmarketable after the communication, the reporter learned that the company is the distributor of VR box. The VR box is the kind of plastic VR box that we used to buy on Taobao. Yes, you guessed it, is that boast contains 43 sets of precision parts, 59 assembly processes VR glasses case!

" is the government has been suppressed, Taobao can't sell the VR box, what to talk about "cash"?

indeed, because of government pressure, they have a backlog of 2000W sets of inventory, in order to alleviate the pressure of the company, they can choose to VR box + adult content bundling, trick. Perhaps the initial sales tasted the sweetness, so the arrogance of the practitioners to boldly claim no cash pressure.

their model basically and before Taobao that "buy send the seed box" routine the same, just from the online version of a line version of the box to buy VR send small film, and try to attract distributors to accelerate the consumption of inventory. For consumers, VR film born with "word of mouth" can these cheap VR box and a perfect fit, even without advertising, you can pass ten, ten pass 100.

as one of the exhibitors in the 3E show, in their little booth, the Yilabao reads a variety of publicity slogans and seek to join words, and the practitioners in the mouth used for the fast realization of the VR box is everywhere, look with at least four boxes or more.

" crime against the wind he even wanted to earn one hundred million

for the stage, although the VR+ erotic style marketing has been divided into the gray area, but in front of the actual sales, the realization of VR practitioners in the eyes of the road is bright, even come to the conclusion that "the first rule of VR industry is the realization of grass root economics" to this conclusion.

" in the content, the God said, their small film mainly from abroad, there are 180 degrees, there are 270 degrees. How big is the scale? He directly said, "the scale is so big.""! In fact, although the practitioner knows that this is a tipping point at any time, but in the face of the backlog of inventory, he can only commit crimes against the wind.

when a reporter asked when the specific volume and the amount of users and other data, the practitioners reluctant to reveal too much, but from the two month performance, their sales are very good, so we developed a Strike while the iron is hot. for two years to earn a small goal, his one hundred million final, has been swelling he also stressed that the small target small target and Wang Jianlin (first make him one hundred million) is the same.

, that is, selling VR box +VR small movies by offline channels, they want to make one hundred million of the target for two years! If they look at this small target, it's quite realizable...

, the reporter roughly estimated that, if you want to complete this small target, each VR box earn 5
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Sell VR box send small porn, actually want to earn one hundred million two years

Sell VR box send small porn, actually want to earn one hundred million two years