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Kong Rong story told us to make a weak in their children, to learn humility, but also by many parents to educate children stories. But now the humility and comity always make many people misunderstand, even by these reasons make some make you uncomfortable, usually take the kids to my friends or colleagues with their smaller children to visit, this phenomenon will occur more frequently. Here are some examples for you to talk about.


"ah, you give it to her, then her head again came over, say, just get you a doll, you have so many of them, to her, listen. "Mother to 8 year old Xiaoya said so many words, Xiaoya heart dripping with tears in her favorite pink bear doll to only 5 years old little cousin, just because of the small cousin clamoring to cry, mother comforted Xiaoya said:" nothing ha, a baby, mother back buy one for you, not what, obedient, good boy. "


7 year old Jun love play some boys playing small toys, for example, she often play ball, have time to go to my brother home to see a ball and he has a twelve zodiac series of small dogs, playing together after love, do not want to let go, to find her brother, she did not let go they argue, uncle, brother said to let her dad back again to buy you a brother, go to my room and cried uncle, only helpless with Jun Jun dad said," feel shy to let you laughed. "Love dad also very embarrassed.

only in a hurry with Junjun a few polite home, it was really a coincidence, also a week's time, the mother took the children Junjun colleague Lai Junjun to play, see the lovely dog to play on the ball, it will not let go, hey, this is not that is a? Mom also advised Jun Jun Jun Jun, Jun Jun strong hold back the tears, when Aunt colleagues take the child home after her mother cried.


, a Chinese teacher, told a class in the first grade in America about the story of Kong Rong's "pear":

teacher: what do you think about Kong Rong and pear?

student: why does Papa's friend bring a pear to Kong Rong's family? Miss

: as a present.

student: since it is a gift, it must be a good pear. Why is it so obvious that it is big and small? Can't it be big? Miss


student: why do you want to share it with everyone? Who wants to eat? Who can't take it? Mr.

: so what do you think about Kong Rong?

student: I don't like Kong Rong. He's unfair to other people, depriving other brothers of their choice and performance. I don't like Kong Rong's father, either. Mr.

: why?

student: he is irresponsible, let no behavior ability, four year old Kong Rong pear, and he also has no right and wrong, Kong Rong pear behavior is very subjective, arbitrary, but has been praised by his father. Miss


student: this story is bad. It encourages arbitrary judgment and deprives democracy. It's time to put the pear on the table.

parents should let the children solve the problem of

children and friends for toys, do not want to share, many mothers worry that children make mistakes, worry about the children after become unpopular with the people, and could not help but keep to teach children to share, blame the child's bad behavior". And when the children of humility and modesty, do not contend for not just the mother worried that children suffer, day after work, in society there is no sense of competition, and encourage children to "fight" and to "grab".

however, in fact, everyone has their own judgment ability and learning ability, they can see the impact of their actions on events of every event in life, and the impact on other people, thus we judge their own behavior is correct or not, met in the days after the similar events will make an amendment for their actions. This is what we call "a fall into the pit". Only in the process of constant judgment, summarization and correction, can the child's inner experience be experienced and become more tolerant, open-minded and wise.

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