Female college entrance exam live alone away the glory of the king a team head

Live King glory college entrance examination the game

weifengwang· 2017-07-17 15:46:32

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in recent years, with the development of network broadcast industry, more and more people begin to contact this emerging industry, even seemingly "otherworldly" Curve Wrecker who is no exception. Yesterday, in 2017, Xinjiang college entrance examination of the liberal arts champion Zhao Kai opened a live broadcast, in addition to share their own learning experience and life experience, but also live in the play from the moment the most popular hand travel "king of glory.".

" in the broadcast, Zhao Hanyu proved to us that Curve Wrecker is not a nerd, she is very lively in the broadcast. Although the audience is less than 100, she has been interacting with a small audience. She said she had just played the king's glory for several days, and Hou Yi was the only hero she would play.

" in the broadcast, Zhao Hanyu said more than once they are in the game pits, her two platinum and gold together with her sister segment, or with real results. She also said that she can end a team head. For the "king of glory" this game, the champion mother feel that there are many places to play, although they play "King glory" is very food, but it is really fun, she will continue to play.

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