Should India boycott Chinese goods? The truth may be very cruel

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cankaoxiaoxi· 2017-07-17 18:08:17

India's "economic times" website published in July 16th entitled "how Chinese in trade to win India, occupy India family, economy and market" the article said, as China and India a political wrangling old problem rising, in the cold Himalaya plateau, the temperature rises steeply. Around the cave, Lang region, India and China are at odds. India's domestic calls for a boycott of Chinese goods have become louder and louder, and the national volunteer service and its organizations have joined in and further amplified through social media networks.

"picture: November 2016, India Street propaganda posters against Chinese products". (Agence France-Presse)

, however, the fact that China's occupation of India is a reality exists in India. Josh, chief economist at credit rating and investment services in India, said: "," , although India's trade is seriously unbalanced, it is an indisputable fact that it is thriving. This is not affected by political differences.

article said, China is India's largest trading partner, but the trade balance fell heavily to china. Between 2011 and 2012, the Sino Indian trade deficit was $37 billion 200 million. Today, 6 years later, the trade deficit has widened to $51 billion 100 million. For the two countries, the present confrontation is more complicated than the war of 1962.

, the article said, over the years, China has introduced a series of policies and measures to promote, protect and nurture enterprises. Now, in most industries, China has its own transnational giants. Slowly, these Chinese companies evolved into world-class multinational companies that were able to compete with Western multinationals. India has the international competitiveness of multinational corporations scanty volume of $3 trillion, $11 trillion of economic volume Chinese economy lack of care.

"on the first quarter of 2017, China intelligent mobile phone occupy India intelligent mobile phone market share of 51%. (Internet Data Center)

article said, now, the telecommunications industry in India has been occupied by Chinese companies. In the mobile phone industry, China's brands control 51% of the smartphone market in India, and India telecom equipment imports more than 73 billion 600 million yuan annually.

only in the "12th Five-Year" plan period, India electric power production capacity of nearly 30% from the China equipment; in the rapid development of solar energy industry, from April 2016 to January 2017, India imported from China solar equipment accounted for 87%. In addition to electricity and Telecommunications such a mature industry, China enterprises are still emerging industries take cities and seize territory. The automotive industry has attracted China's largest foreign direct investment. A photovoltaic power plant

"in India near the southern city of Hyderabad. Chinese companies offer part of the solar panel components and a full set of automatic sunshine tracking support systems for the power station. The fierce rhetoric and calls for resistance have now dominated India's centre of public opinion, the

article says. will it be useful for India to resort to such resistance? When Chinese products dominate bilateral trade, it is obviously not possible. envisioned the worst case: if the border confrontation escalated and trade declined, which side would have lost more, economists would not have been able to figure it out. The observer research foundation, strategic research director Halsey · Pant said: "the only group is greatly disappointed because of a boycott of the middle class in India."

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