Su Yan's Liu Yan, completely can not recognize

Liu Yan grass root man Mirs red net

tanzi· 2017-07-18 17:29:32

early in the morning, Liu Yan wore a suspender cowboy skirt and a high soled slipper. She appeared in the airport early in the morning and said she didn't have sunglasses and a mask. Can you recognize her?

, zoom in and see, Liu's face is very haggard, and always feel that face is not like her.

" and so on, it looks like an ordinary passerby.

" in April, Liu Yan was photographed, the whole face is swollen, fleshy nose.

" in May to participate in the activities of the time, apple is bulging of the muscle.

" was only two months, two days for the new movie, Mirs, Liu Yan came to cheer for him, the event after the end of makeup, the mirror, Liu Yan has become the network red beauty is very beautiful. But the whole face became very stiff.

" is a laugh, smile and feel the seed coat, and next to Zhang Tian'ai than unnaturally.

" from Liu Yan's own micro-blog can turn to see her so long 10 years, although there is a chin, but the cheeks is bulging.

11 years long, so square face, there is a thick country atmosphere.

, the former Liu Yan is a generous face thickening lips.

12 years, laugh, the face is also very round, and compared with Liu Shishi, it is really much older.

, suddenly from the beginning of 13 years to join the "cock silk man" became a V face, seems to have opened the corner of the eye.

14 years to participate in activities, the face becomes more soft, and even thinning lips.

" in the 15 year, Liu Yan like inverse growth as sudden facial muscles become more full, even the wrinkles are very difficult to see, seem smaller.

" again to see the latest Liu Yan, beauty is beautiful, but the face is full of plastic, it seems don't do strenuous facial action, can only put on a cold face.

2015 Liu Yan for the first time in response to cosmetic when said: "for the United States to do some damage to the body change is understandable. in fact, for artists, "kill or not recognize" is a necessary psychological quality. But I think when everyone's Liu Yan is no longer relying on the appearance of what to win the present place, these parts are not fatal, I can share. I think artists should try to be frank, or they don't speak, or they should be responsible for what they say. "

Liu Yan is honest, but the face has been less recognizable, more and more blunt.

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