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people floating in the rivers and lakes, where there is no knife?.

if you haven't been stuck by a domestic carrier, it's probably only because of … … you don't have long enough to use your cell phone.

begins with a very broad example of how to make up calls.

Unicom why do you charge me more every month?

friend, have you ever heard of the telephone promise?

some readers may be familiar with the word, because they have already had rights experience, and some readers may have received such calls without much impression. But never mind, look at the following "telemarketing skills," and the neglected memory may quietly fall into your cerebral cortex.

Hello, we now have a preferential activity for the old users, as long as you can participate in the monthly XX calls and XX traffic return Oh! As long as you like the usual consumption of full XX Yuan (bold font low volume weakening tone) can get $*#$% discount, is now one of our promotional activities for the old users to launch, and $%#&, as long as you can agree to receive these benefits. This is my

in March this year received a commitment to sell the phone calls Unicom, because is not the first time received, so I like to ask a few practical joke event details, first with fast salesman "consumption supplement shortfall" this little word, then how much preferential flow calls I say to propaganda gift. Later on fill deduction details, is the short silence zhizhiwuwu.

after I decided to write this topic, coincidentally Unicom once again to sell the phone, this time I recorded the sound code, to see the dialogue record: Hello

launched our commitment calls gift activities now, each month will send free voice calls, and 500 megabytes of traffic province. Your monthly account consumption reached 20 yuan, you can long-term gift, consumption less than 20 yuan is to fill. Here help you register (here is no comma, because the speed is very fast and not clear, directly linking next sentence) flow and minutes to account will SMS to inform you that you pay attention to the use of well.

has not asked the user's advice this time, using the speed up and ambiguous speaking skills to allow users to default on the opening of the activity.

for ordinary people, it is busy, suddenly received such a call, look came over the unclear information bombing of a large number of promotions, like free, easy to casually answer off. As you know, the premise of all these offers is that you must spend enough every month.

" (Figure China: China Unicom)

even the official website of the user agreement, it is still "charges" according to the minimum amount of consumption such misleading word statement to fuzzy terms.

these official sales of adult translation words: once you agree to participate in this activity, you need to spend at least every month so much money. If you rarely spend money on the phone, do not buy traffic package, basically do not spend money per month, then Unicom will buckle your calls, buckle to full XX yuan. Every month.

, this friend has been pit operator, you are not a person

, when you want to change a package, or other operations are not familiar with the business, generally need how to operate?

call the customer service hotline, patiently listening to the opening of a first intelligent customer service or new promotional activities, waiting for the end of broadcast, and then press the number keys corresponding to a few, like artificial line, wait for a period of time. The last was told the customer service: the need to open the card to the operating room for oh.

and the corresponding deductions, when operators want to achieve the interests of users and is closely related to the operation, you only need the phone hesitated casually should be a "well spoken", then immediately. Not even through your permission.

in micro-blog search "calls" commitment, can be seen in the imperceptibly agreed to the opening of this activity, but also detained several months ago that the There are plenty of people who stop.

" (from micro-blog search)

coincidentally, recently no code technology founder Feng Dahui (Fenng) also worked in micro-blog mobile in Tucao, without informing his opening of the principle of fair use, and after receiving a phone call and refused to admit responsibility.

"to use Baidu Search mobile pit, display 4950000 results; China Unicom and China Telecom were respectively 3000000 and 3500000.

", which involves a wide range of business, there are calls, make up, package changes, broadband, and so on.

many netizens in the Tucao when, usually with a sentence: "XX!"

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