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hearing ticking Network Australia has announced the 2017-2018 annual new skilled occupation list, and has come into effect on July 1st this year. The following is a brief list of some new regulations for applications related to Australian skilled migration and work visas starting in July 1st.

GSM Migration)

GSM (non employer sponsored visa applicants are required) from long-term occupation list (MLTSSL) an optional occupation obtain the guarantee. This visa category includes independent skilled migration visa (subclass 189), remote areas, temporary visa (subclass 489) the applicant did not obtain the state or territory of security, as well as the graduate temporary visa (subclass 485).

in addition, from July 1st onwards, all applicants for general skilled migration must be under the age of 45, and only a portion of the skilled immigrant visa has this requirement.

's new medium and long-term career list has 178 occupations for technical migrants australia. Each year, the government's education and Training Department advises the immigration and Border Protection Minister on a list of technical occupations and then decides on a list of assessments.

this year 12 occupation has been completely from the optional technology occupation list removed, including:

Equipment Hire Manager equipment leasing manager (149915)

(149411) Manager fleet administrator Fleet

picture framed Picture Framer (394212)

Property Manager real estate manager (612112)

Psychotherapist (272314)

real psychotherapist the person in charge of real estate agency (612113) Real Estate Agent Principal

Real Estate Agent real estate agent (612114)


real estate agent on behalf of Real Estate Agent Representative (612115)

Engineer Ship Engineer 's

Ship' (231212) captain s Master (231213)

(a) Ship 'senior crew s Officer (231214)

University Tu University Assistants Tor (24211):

note in brackets is Australia standard occupation classification code

some visa categories have been added in some positions, but also have some occupation from short-term occupation list (STSOL) and long-term occupation list removed. There are 178 occupations in the medium and long term occupation list. There are 253 short-term occupational lists, and the specific jobs are listed on the government website.

in April this year, the short-term occupation list instead of Australia unified guarantee professional list (CSOL). It is to apply for government sponsored skilled migration (190), remote areas, temporary visa (subclass 489), the employer sponsored skilled migration (class 186), temporary working visa (457 class) and training visa (subclass 407) must choose a job from the list of nominees for short-term occupation visa application.

some career years are relaxed, such as CEO or university lecturers can now apply for four years of temporary visas, rather than the past two years visa.

technical temporary work visas (457 categories)

, from July 1st onwards, there are a series of changes in the 457 categories of visas.

training benchmark: the government has more restrictions on the 457 types of visas and employer guarantees, skilled immigration, and acceptable training. There are also more restrictions on the calculation of salary payments under these benchmarks.

new 457 visa Occupation List: many occupations return to the list of occupations to apply for, and also have a few occupations removed, with the above-mentioned short-term occupation list and medium and long-term occupation list.


from English Requirements: the applicant before the basic annual salary of $96 thousand and 400 from the English test, but from the beginning of July 1st this provision was abolished, only the high salary applicants from overseas to Australia branch of the case can be exempted from. English needs to meet the following requirements:

commercial position are higher.

criminal record inventory: 457 visa applicants submitted after July 1st were required to provide a certificate of criminal record check.

approved extension of the scope of security: priority of 457 categories of nominations and visa certification. Previously, this applies only to employers who have submitted at least 10 457 visas in the past 2 years. Since July 1st, a low number of guaranteed employers have also been certified, provided they have a minimum turnover of $4 million and have at least 90% of Australian employees. The existing

457 visa holders, Department of immigration and border protection at the end of the year (December 31st) before they will collect the tax, and matched with the Australian Tax Bureau, to ensure that holders of salary income guarantee is not lower than the salary for visa.

, but as Australia's immigration minister announced earlier, from March 2018, 457 visas will be abolished and replaced by the temporary technical shortage visa (TTS). The new temporary technology shortage visa scheme will consist of a two-year short visa (Short-Term stream) and another four year long term visa (Medium-Term stream).


employer guarantees technical migrants permanent residence visas (186 and 187 classes),

employer guarantees, skilled migration (category 186), as mentioned earlier, a new occupation list, and

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