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self decision habit

some parents do not respect the wishes of the child, always love everything, instead of children to do all sorts of choices and decisions, they think this is good for the children, their children's performance is love.

really know how to love the child's parents, will respect the child's wishes and interests, to understand children's ideas, to create conditions to help children dream into practice, encourage yourself, try to let the children make their own choices and decisions, rather than the children of all things ", so that the child is acting on their behalf" rely on their parents. They have no idea.

" in fact, every child has great potential, it is the duty of parents dig, improve children's potential, so that children can become a different person.

2 self thinking habit of

many parents become the child's love love study, "Xinhua Dictionary", "calculator for children". This kind of education for children, is a kind of great harm, it will make the child brain development is blocked, the reaction is too slow, even if there is no parents to read with their parents, they do not know how to learn.

really know how to love the child's parents, the education method inspired guide, abandon the spoon, pouring, pressing against the method of education, encourage children through observation, thinking their own knowledge and insights, and thus the formation of self learning ability.

3 self service

used to let children lose at the starting line, many parents will give children to various interest classes, classes, the children all the time occupied learning, in such a way as to deprive the children self arrange affairs opportunity, let the children like a puppet arrangement, manipulation.

really know how to love the child's parents, do not let the children become "only learning machine", but let the children know that in his life is not only in the study and examination, there are more rich and colorful content waiting for him to try.

as parents, we should guide our children to learn self plan, learn how to use limited time to improve efficiency, and achieve twice the result with half the effort. Parents should encourage their children to get out of the house, get out of the classroom and make more friends, so as to train their interpersonal skills and improve their ability to do things.


Chinese etiquette habits is a state of ceremonies, etiquette is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. But now many of the children because of their parents and older pet, grew up in the rules do not speak, do the family environment, they often self-centered, not polite, do not understand the pecking order, do not know what is the etiquette.

for the sake of children's future, parents should cultivate children's "etiquette" consciousness, educate children to understand courtesy, know etiquette.

5 the habit of independent living,

children is an independent person, the future will always enter the community. Parents should cultivate children in accordance with this premise, and guide their children to gradually learn to take care of themselves, learn to live independently, learn to interact with people and learn how to integrate into society.

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