Nintendo and fashion brands to cooperate, this time a lot of bags

Nintendo fashion yen color jet pack

youxishiguangVGTIME· 2017-07-19 08:37:40

After the last Nintendo

and Shu Uemura cooperation launched a number of beauty products, they and European fashion brands LeSportsac cooperation, will be in July 19th in Japan launched a number of Nintendo themes from daily bag, backpack, travel bag, and then to the coin purse, bag, everything, all kinds of. Prices range from thousands of yen to tens of thousands of yen.

LeSportsac is a fashion brand founded in 1974. Its products are mainly made of nylon cloth. It is not only waterproof, durable, but also lightweight and easy to store. Therefore, it is sought after and loved by many young people. This cooperation goods: click here to

"but I also want to know what time to prepare the" Nintendo group "in the clothing color jet brand do in reality......

source: LeSportsac

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