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] Hello, here is a serious gaming, my little brother is serious. There is little league game player don't know Dopa, the king of the top national costume hanbok and passers-by first such as eating homely food so simple, he was regarded as a real man and Faker 55. In a recent live broadcast, Dopa talked about the league's intercontinental game.

Faker and Dopa

Dopa said he did not watch the intercontinental tournament, South Korea can not understand why the game player LCK failed to be hurt and anger. In his opinion, the intercontinental race is not an important game. Samsung and SKT will play against each other after the intercontinental games and decide who will be the first in the league, so they will certainly be hiding some tactics in the intercontinental. Fans may be angry, but the teams don't mind. From the perspective of the LCK team, to win a world series and also an important 10 intercontinental championship, SKT is still the best team in the world. No matter how bad they look, they are still the number one team in the world unless there is another team that can beat them in the world series.

" at the same time, Dopa also said that some people questioned the LCK players without the greatest effort, but he felt it was impossible to see the game, the team is very important, than you think is more important. If South Korea loses, it means that the Chinese team is stronger. On the face of it, they may not exert all their strength, but it is impossible at all. Even gold and silver players take the game seriously. Do you think professional players don't take it seriously?

so, according to Dopa's understanding of the Korean team, they have some tactics in the game, but in the game they take it seriously, and there is no negative competition.

so, what do you think? Do you think LKC is really hiding tactics and not showing all the strength?

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