Pixel style jailbreak game "Escape 2" is on sale

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youxishiguangVGTIME· 2017-07-19 08:38:27

by the Mouldy Toof Studios development, Team 17 release, has reached more than 1 million 800 thousand sets of sales records of the game "escape", will be launched in August 22, 2017 2 sequel to "escape" (The Escapists 2).

gameplay is to control the hero in prison at the same time, to escape the same preparatory plan, and will play a game player, was locked in heavily-guarded prison in one of the prisoners, working in a strict prison, and try to avoid the guard's attention. Players need to secretly craft or steal tools in prison, and beware of the guards' temporary patrols. Game player can be in prison the next job or task to the purchase of essential supplies, but also the escape route, a battle of wits with the guards escape action.

the picture using the new image style, in addition to the role of the more easily identify, also provide up to 10 different prisons map, the combat system adopt more strategic, strengthen own escape props and other elements of technology. There are as many as 300 different accessories in this work, and players can create new women roles in addition to the details of the dress, accessories and so on.

" in addition, this can support up to 4 individual game player or war to escape. In multiplayer mode, players can use stand-alone and online connections, and in stand-alone mode, the game screen will be split into 2 or 4 copies. This will provide a multiplayer mode, and if the player exits suddenly on the way, it will not affect the game, or join the existing game directly to help them complete the jailbreak plan.

game will be on sale in August 22nd, landing PS4/Xbox One platform.

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