The truth: why can't you stop the king's glory?

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aihuowang· 2017-07-19 12:04:15

shortly before the king of glory was criticized, scared the Tencent quickly indulging in anti crisis public relations, analysis and comment for a time around the Mobile Games, was flying in the sky online. Why would we be obsessed with such a shrink version of MOBA hand tour? I know what time pieces like the shit you hear ear, and games are fun in the analysis, where human weaknesses like and look for the point, simple and crude.

because the king's glory played well, really can bring real life benefits.


graduation season, his girlfriend to go to university to pick up the luggage room, not directly due to the door, then wait in the dormitory downstairs and out of the side of the iron gate, through the crowd, I vaguely saw an ad Yilabao vertical at the other end, what I did not see the other, but the "king of glory" four a word is clearly visible, near a look, found to be promotional activities to inform the school district X through play. I am scared, it is … …?

" look carefully indeed, saying "the gold Dan, enjoy 10 percent off platinum Dan enjoy 15% off, 20 percent off, 30 percent off King Diamond dan!! ". Although very much, but my heart has been a huge shock -- not the game "poisoning" we college students have many deep, but as a severe core game player, marvel at the glory of the king's influence has reached this level!

think back to yourself, the game played even better, even if it is the first in the country, so what? Go home each time to carry things, have to pay the full price honestly facing SF, but also don't put the box all told the wife broke, stressing about a moment into my mind. The

is exactly a line of three small city media editor, know him from the University, it is a severe game console, home host handheld comprehensive system of hegemony, PC play the game a lot, when the mobile phone game of the tide hit the shore, he will inevitably be involved in krypton gold extraction card into the whirlpool, fragments of time you use mouth "". However, as a firm serious game player, he still has its own bottom line - that is, at least to stay away from the "dead pesticide", but there is one thing that makes him very surprised … …

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a midsummer night, liver after a tea shop near the home of the Fate Grand Order his activities to buy a cold drink and hot weather, it seems to be a popular local shops, recently often have to queue, so did not have time to buy this house to drink Oolong tea. He still wonder why when recently this shop fire, suddenly on the counter in an obscure corner found an activity posted: "the king of glory play high benefits big run - Platinum Dan 10 percent off concessions, diamond Dan Dan king 25% off discount, buy one get one."

heart hit him after returning home, also download the king of glory. As for now he hit what Dan, I didn't ask him, did not dare to ask him.


blind in WeChat last month, ready to find a good day is to master material shop, home to eat less expensive Izakaya around it, into the house was more eat several times, then pondering for some new tricks, not until Longyan it is a get out of hand. As a result, when I was searching, I saw this: "

," the owner of the store in Shanghai invited all of Shanghai's King glory players to play together! From now until June 24th, every night at the consumer to shop guests per table to select a "Wang Zhe glory" show the highest order: Dan Dan, 10 percent off gold, 12% off silver glory noble Platinum Eternity diamond 22% off, Wang Zhe 40 percent off Dan … … "

was a little gas is not one to play, only hate yourself is MOBA at noon to eat in the remnant, near the summer day is deliberately to yourself, God will not honor. If you let her know that I don't want to play what CS:GO, but also to spend money out of the box, look at the people who play well the glory of the king of … …

when playing the game is equal to the discount

then I four confirmation you see is not only the case is extremely rare, because in my mind, no which game like the glory of the king, can be embedded in the daily life of ordinary people to such a degree. This is even the top of the Pyramid gaming star can not match a privilege -- an unremarkable tea shop owner, if he does not care what the current mainstream gaming projects, he may not know the famous on the CS Alex DOTA, do not know in the circle of YYF, 09 or BurNIng celebrities but he must know that "the rise of the king of glory" component.

" I finally from all network access to the answer really surprised me, 10 hardcore friends actually have 5 said he saw or at least heard influence consumer sites online under the king of glory. This feeling of being recognized and yelling at 100 games in the game!
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