Millet products 5 years ago, there are still nearly 5 million people in use

Millet processor Lei Jun Qualcomm

ITzhijia· 2017-07-19 12:04:54

IT for home users of 2017 . No trace on the delivery

IT home message in July 19th brought the most classic mobile phone millet, millet 2, millet 2S two mobile phone must be fully deserve was 2012 in Beijing officially released millet millet mobile phone 2, millet mobile phone 2 using 4.3 inches 1280x720 resolution display (342PPI), using 28 nanometer processor (quad core processor Qualcomm snapdragon S4), equipped with 2GB RAM and 16GB body memory, back illuminated 8 million pixel camera +200 megapixel front camera, in the system, the Android 4.1 version of the MIUI operating system based on 4.

2 intelligent mobile phone millet mobile phone is the world's first 28 nanometer quad core 1.5GHz processor, once by the media called "king of performance" and "performance of the monster".

millet 2 released second years, millet has launched millet mobile phone 2S, millet 2S appearance and millet before 2, no difference, mainly for processors and cameras have been upgraded. Millet mobile 2S is equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 600 processor, 2GB RAM+32GB ROM, rear camera upgrade to 13 million.

back to 5 years later, at the current point of view, this configuration does not seem outdated, is actually the most people feel is unbelievable, in 4, 5 years ago, these configurations are to sell 4000+, millet to live down to the limit of 1999 yuan, creating a mobile phone Internet the first also around a wave of Rice noodles.

days before it Rice noodles @ millet said to buy a mobile phone already discontinued the millet 2S Lei Jun, micro-blog reply also revealed millet and millet 2S 2 current use number, close to 5 million people!

millet 2/2S millet 5 years ago, the product is still close to 5 million people. Mainly because the 4.3 inch screen?

for a product of 4 or 5 years ago, there are still nearly 5 million people in use, you can see the charm of this mobile phone, Lei Jun also said in micro-blog, "mainly because of 4.3 inches screen?" "Could it be that Lei Jun plans to launch a millet phone with small screen products?"

is worth mentioning, millet is still the two mobile phone adapter update MIUI system, called the conscience of the industry, it is also one of the reasons that 5 million users have yet to give up the mobile phone.

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