WeChat has just launched the controversial feature: "black is not afraid."

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tengxunkeji· 2017-07-19 12:05:04

", today, found a WeChat public volume posted on the Internet, displaying "details of controversy". The article above marked "the following content is controversial", there is an area below the page as "rights holders have something to say", showing the dispute both sides of the statement.

asked the WeChat team to prove the news true.

in the Tencent customer service website, the list also found a "public platform" controversial "process related issues" (click here to see the big picture). According to the list sister verification, the "controversy" function at 9 o'clock this evening, has been formally launched.

" according to WeChat official news, standings sister made a simulation map, for your intuitive feelings:

" in the WeChat page has a complaint as "tort (impersonation, reputation infringement etc.)", is the enterprise or individual libel, personal rights or intellectual property rights in the public number of articles being invaded when complaints channel.

" this kind of reputation dispute, the parties to the dispute are the demands of the plaintiff can not get each one sticks to his argument, rapid feedback, requires a long process to initiate proceedings, part of the subject of the complaint is that the other was deliberately finding fault, that he is innocent, but the WeChat platform also caught in the dilemma. The new

function after the launch, if you encounter the platform can not directly address the infringement dispute, both sides can directly on this page issued a statement, the reader will see the open when there is a dispute as follows".

such disputes can be said to be common, every other period of time, there will be enterprises or individuals on the grounds of infringement of reputation, will be from the media to court.

standings sister finishing according to published reports the following timeline: "img_box" class=

" let's take a look at four specific cases:

1. Jingdong complaints "world network operators" malicious

during the 6.18 years to promote the preheating, "the network operators in the world" in WeChat, micro-blog reproduced friends broke the news, published a paper entitled "Jingdong to force the business to consumer prices, the Shenzhou computer Jingdong to report" maliciously disrupt the market price "article".

" and then Jingdong in its official micro signal to clarify that the Alibaba's "world" network media fabrication concocted false news behavior expressed outrage, and the "world network" contrary to news facts, malicious behavior to network information Jingdong office and other relevant departments of the real-name reporting/real-name whistleblowing.

according to the complaint, "the world network" editorial department also issued a statement saying "the facts are the facts", and pointed out that this is the usual way to Jingdong "pengci ali".

Jingdong again made a sound response, "will resolutely take legal measures to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests."".

2. "GQ Chinese" issued at Baidu, sued by Baidu

7 10, GQ Chinese's WeChat public number GQ lab "was released called" given Baidu navigation will take you to the hospital department of Putian, please come to GQ Daily "essay writing contest, in the end made readers fill in the blanks in the topic, and an example of" use Baidu Search, you're gone ".

" Baidu believes this article against its reputation, require public number delete the article immediately, but the other received complaints after refusing to take measures to stop the infringement, so Baidu will the public number of operators to court.

this article has been deleted by the publisher at this time.

3. is called "top poisonous milk", "cultural background" Mengniu sued

2 on Sept. 8, Chaoyang Court announced that due to the public that WeChat "cultural background", published "Mengniu: variety naming industry's top milk" the damage to the reputation of the company, Mengniu will be taken to court, asked to stop infringement, apology, eliminate the impact of rehabilitation, and claims 1 million yuan.

at present, in the history of "entertainment news background" in this article is still open "Mengniu: variety naming industry's top tainted milk", this article beginning with "solemn declaration" said: the Mengniu variety taste, not the product itself.

4." Baidu takeaway that public number of articles against goodwill, Tencent Sohu sued

2016 in August, Baidu takeaway that WeChat public number CEO letter "," fried spores "and" Internet information Sohu "public release" and Baidu! Owned restaurants toilet wash dishes, Baidu is the first productivity, "wicked" toxic "and other articles more than xi'erqi lunch, a serious adverse impact on its reputation and business reputation.

mentioned in the case, the prosecution is Baidu takeaway platform operators Tencent and Sohu, requires the platform, in order to eliminate the influence of Feng Ting public, and provide the public number of operators of information. A

Platform party whether it is true or maliciously discredit "pengci" on articles from the media reputation infringement

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