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" a person's IQ of 50% by 50% genetic, acquired by the development, but the day after the 50%, 60% intelligence development in 0-6 years old, is the best method to develop children's IQ every night to tell stories to children!

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to listen mama story today Xiaobian to recommend my good friend -- public number mother: orange orange Mama story (ID:mry56651) let the children listen to high-quality stories not only the development of intelligence, but also good to develop children's imagination and creativity!

"orange mother"

has been engaged in preschool education, public number: Orange Mama story in April just created, 1 months before the harvest of 300 thousand fans. So far, millions of mothers have been concerned, and many children have fallen asleep.

every night, mother of orange will bring the baby a wonderful bedtime story. From Chinese traditional literature to Western fairy tale world; from children's picture books to knowledge subjects. You don't need to buy expensive storybooks.

is the best for children. You can find it here. There are daily

message send books, mom and dad are still waiting for what

featured a story portal:

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orange Mama story (ID:mry56651)

more exciting story waiting for you here!

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Once a child's mental development, the golden age, you must not miss!