How about Zhang Han's predecessor, Zheng Shuangna?

Zhang Han Zheng Shuang micro-blog gulina Karzai

gaifanyule· 2017-07-19 14:26:47

, recently, Zheng Shuang with a substitute Yan Yan eating hot pot on the matter, the hot search, fans have expressed their jealousy!

" (Zhang Han praised Zheng Shuang)

but did not think of is, ex boyfriend Zhang Han even praised by Zheng Shuang with the micro-blog Hot pot stand to eat!

" you know, Zhang Han and Zheng Shuang have split up for many years, now Zhang Han and his girlfriend Guli Nazha also has been very affectionate in front of the camera, some time ago also came to the marriage!

" but nuozha studio for Zhang Han and nuozha receive a marriage certificate message has been a rumor.

and Zhang Han and Zheng Shuang's "silos" posture ah, after breaking up with Zhang Han once also point Praise Words in the words of Zheng Shuang, which also branded the "slag men" of the title "img_box ~

" (comment)

but this point like events are confusing, for that matter, fans also raged, have launched the guess god! Has Zhang Han been watching Zheng Shuang silently? Is that girlfriend Guli Nazha not jealous?

or Zhang Han and Zheng Shuang combined with memorable?

", but there are also netizens said that this is a hand slide accidentally point praise, two of them are now respectively, not tied to the hype! But not long ago, micro-blog CEO said, "micro-blog is not going to have anything like that."!

" but also has fans clarified that micro-blog display point like the time Zhang Han is not online, the point like a bug~

< p> event is micro-blog for many guesses, which do you think is more credible?

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