A ban on thousands of companies to close down!

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and zero Gosson campus loan vicious incident broke out, Shandong as the parent case snow and frost, let the collection industry regulation, the sudden.

cloud platform shut down interface, SMS and telephone network have been shut down; the regulatory authorities to build the complaints system, once verified, the company have titles; Shenzhen, Shanghai local collection regulations, all red, very strict. The

collection industry is facing the most difficult time since its birth.

shuffle is coming, and industry estimates, nearly half of the collection platform will be closed, thousands of companies will be out.

this is the fate of the amulet, or after Nirvana rebirth?


2016 rain coming near the end of the year, the campus negative news frequently appear, the Internet financial hit.

collection industry, the first sense of regulatory pressure.

"although the collection is at the bottom of the credit line, it's always the first to remember the regulatory temperature," a collection director at the Yangling found suddenly unable to use the Internet phone.

prior to this, the collection of the most core electric reminders business, are relying on the network cloud platform, call the Internet phone and send text messages.

"the big platform, told us directly, the relatively strict regulation, no longer connected to Internet banking platform, Yangling said, for these platforms, marketing demand of the business, are likely to be their customers.

Internet banking's marketing and collection operations are only a small part of their business, so cut it off without hesitation. After the

collection being cut off, Yangling was removed to find some "underground platform", but found the other price directly up several times before, an Internet phone call, only need 4 points to 5 points, and now has risen to 9 points to 12 points.

most people believe, the platform also took the opportunity to set up all kinds of harsh conditions of robbing, "Yangling said, each collection will have a network telephone terminal, and now also need to pay 50 to 200 monthly fee," we call this capitation fee".

in addition to the "head toll", but also added "equipment fees."". The

platform also proposes the cost of receiving "trunk lines" - the trunk is the device that connects the Internet to the phone and landline, and before that, the platform will be arranged without charge.

"is equivalent to buying a landline, must also pay the cost of buying the phone line, Yangling protest, cloud platform of the answer is that if you have a call center qualification, can go to buy a relay line, the cost is 300 to 500 yuan per month.

if not, the need for the cloud platform provides, the price soared directly to 3000 yuan per month.

"business license written on oil, securities, network financial business scope, the basic application is not down, Yangling said, in fact, after 2015, the various departments of the Internet financial" unfriendly ", the basic application down to zero probability.

companies can only accept a high price of 3000 yuan.

so, the cost of making VoIP calls, in addition to an increase of two or three times, each collector has to charge nearly $3500 per month.

for some small collection team, the cost of the surge has made them unable to make ends meet. The industry reshuffle, and more to come be caught off guard, the storm is still behind &hellip …


; step by step each firm is looking for collection of network telephone channels, did not expect the message begins to collapse.

prior to this, there are two types of operation in the collection industry, one is a formal collection company, which will cooperate with the cloud platform, while some other informal companies will adopt some "dark" means".

cloud platform too many rules, should also review SMS template ", collectors Qin Huanhuan said, his mode of operation, from a batch of treasure, buy some non real name phone card, a 100 yuan, which has cost 200 yuan.

"I use my mobile phone SMS, charges 200 yuan, also can send 2000 text messages, and message content is not limited to how the threat of abuse can," Qin Huanhuan said.

later became bigger and bigger. He bought several "cat pools", inserted all cards into his computer, and sent messages in groups. However, from March, Qin Huanhuan found that SMS group is not too spiritual.

home, collection, court and other sensitive words, in a moment to send text messages, directly disappeared, Qin had to repeatedly change with words, it is difficult to know which words, suddenly became a "gag taboo".

just started, the collection industry think these just to prepare for "315", "315" is good, but did not expect supervision "this time really."".

in April this year, after the humiliating mother of Shandong, the collection industry showed the trend of collapse.

"almost all of the people, will be directed against the collection industry, as if we are the root of all evil", Qin Huanhuan felt that the people around malicious, in addition to the media overwhelming criticism, even friends, "began with the same".

more stringent supervision followed.


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