In the day of competition in Hainan Airlines by what weapon for winning?

Our army China and Japan weapons Navy

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second Chinese Naval Weapon: Su - 30 fighter. China introduced the Soviet -30 fighter basically the original Russian aircraft electronic equipment. The localization and localization of the Su -27 Su -30 fused into a project, which is the further development of the -11 model. The people's Liberation Army will continue to increase imports of Su -30 order, which at the end of 2002 for the first time Su Hainan -30. Three Chinese naval weapon

: "leopard" battle bombers. JH - 7 (Code: JH-7, Chinese nickname: Feibao) is China in 20 century 80s began to design their own development of double tandem two seater ultrasonic speed fighter bomber. Mainly used to carry out the depth of the campaign attack and the sea and ground target attack, can be supersonic flight.

: Chinese Navy Z-9 helicopters. Z-9 rotor diameter of 11.93 meters, including a star shaped flexible rotor hub and 4 pieces of composite blades, blades by glass fiber pre leaching into the girders, glass fiber and carbon fiber skin and foam filler. Six Chinese naval weapon of

: Chinese Navy card - 28 helicopter. Card -28 carrier based helicopter for the twin rotor helicopter, rotor diameter of 15.9 meters. The blade is made of composite material, which is provided with an electric thermal de icing system and a blade folding system, which is convenient for parking on a ship.

: Chinese Navy bomb - 6 bombers. Naval aviation in 1967 Bang - 6 are developed proposed the development of anti-ship variant boom - 6D (Bang - 6 d), due to the impact of the "Cultural Revolution", 1981 August 29, just made a successful maiden flight. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" to look at Japan's self defense forces air force. In the name of "helicopter Destroyer", Japan in recent years built 2 ship Hyuga class helicopter carrier, full load displacement of 19500 tons, a glance like a light aircraft carrier, with straight flight deck, starboard with ship Island, hangar length of 125 meters, accommodate 8 helicopter. Class= img_box "

Japan air defense force is the air force under the Japanese Self Defense forces. Due to the restrictions of the peace constitution after World War II, it can not be called the Japanese air force.

however, due to the high level of training, sophisticated weapons, advanced technology, coupled with the U.S. close exchanges, Japan Air self defense team has become the East Asia a major air forces, air force one of the few Asian equipped F-15 fighter jets. Class= img_box "

Japan as an island, lack of resources and lack of strategic depth is its two major strategic weaknesses. Therefore, the two basic goals: air force is sea air defense and security of maritime traffic line.

for the establishment of air defense in the offshore, the progressive realization of the by purely defensive defense turned to active defense. By the end of 2013, air self defense force has a total of 5 million people, about 200 F-15 fighter jets, 13 E-2C early warning aircraft, 15 CH-47J helicopter for the Patriot air defense missiles, and varying amounts of e-767 AWACS and F-2 fighter.

after the disintegration of the Soviet Union, with threatening Japan Sea and air transportation line of Taiwan issue and Sino Japanese territorial controversy heats up, Japan Air Defense Center of gravity from the North southward into nine Island, the Ryukyu Islands and to strengthen the defense forces in the region.

, Japan Airlines SDF is a branch of air and air defence force combined forces, scale is not large, but the weapons equipped, trained personnel is one of the countries in Asia a few equipped F-15 fighter, the air interception capacity second only to the United States and Israel, and is called the informatization of Asia's premier air power.

self-defence team existing 4.55 million people, 370 combat aircraft, compiled seven aviation wing. Ground air defense forces a total of 4 wing, with 120 launchers, equipped with 17 Patriot missile units.

of the system would be a financial and homeland defense, ocean, air, land, air, sea air and missile defense is one of the air defense system, by reconnaissance warning and command control system and peripheral air defense interceptor system, regional air defense interceptor system, air defense system and aerial combat system in five parts composition.

"content img P" of the world independent air force occurred mainly during the first World War and the Second World War, while Japan in this period the military aircraft is as a part of the army and Navy appear in the form of the Imperial Japanese Army Air Corps and the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Force, until the Second World War ended there has been no independent air force.

for the second time world war the defeat of Japan, according to the constitution of Japan in the second chapter, the article 9: "the Japanese people sincerely seeking international peace based on justice and order forever renounce war waged by the power of the state, use of force or the threat of force as a means of settling international disputes.

to achieve the former project, does not keep the armed forces and other combat forces, the state will not be recognized belligerent rights. "Therefore, the modern constitution stipulates that Japan can not have the air force.

1954 in July 1, Japan on behalf of the garrison to establish air self defense force, although Japan Air self defense team its function on most of the other countries of the air force capabilities overlap, but name and not the Japanese national military organization. They belong to the special government agencies for the Japanese government.

according to the Japanese news network news, Japan Air self defense team 9 aviation regiment January 2016 31 morning in Okinawa Naha base held the inaugural ceremony.

the Japan Self Defense Forces (SDF) separated by half a century since the establishment of a mission to strengthen defense of the southwestern islands of Japan and the spatial domain.

the Japanese media is claimed, this is in order to deal with China to enter "the territorial waters of the Diaoyu Islands", strengthen the Japanese with a ring in the southwest islands defense forces. Self defense

Japan Airlines team raw in Okinawa Naha base deployed a flight team, a total of 20 aircraft. After the establishment of the 9th aviation regiment, Japan from Fukuoka base mobilized a flight team stationed at the base in Naha, the Naha base has 40 aircraft.

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