If three small want to sentence, when does Yao Di serve his sentence?

Yao Di Li Wei derailed micro-blog

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recently, the media photographed Yao Di and a mysterious white man dating, the two people looked very close, after dinner, also went back to the hotel.

, it is said that the white man is called Gao Jie, and the hotel is under his name. As for other information, it has not been disclosed for the time being.

, the high Jie Sen, good features, the figure barely enough to live, the visual age and Yao Di is not much difference.

", just as all the melon eating people have jumped out of speculation, Yao Di simply send micro-blog generous recognition of love.

" with a large bouquet of flowers than Scissorhands photo, laugh very beautiful very happy, it seems that this Yao Di is careful to say goodbye to the past. (small sigh: these years old she a lot...)

" in the comments, many people still hold the blessing of the attitude towards the new love Yao Di.

"public affair" this should be sweet to the burst screen information can be under or not expected to have a lot of abuse.

many netizens questioned Yao Di's "washing white"". The title of "little three" still firmly buckled on Yao Di's head.

" also has a more pertinent attitude of users, that man can forgive, why not give her a chance? Choose to put down Yao Di's past and hope she lives well.

"I don't know what to say. I wish it was a little awkward, but I don't want to curse it. It won't be the same as before.". "

", before the "derailment" incident, Yao Di's image has always been very good. Born in 1982, she looks fresh and sweet, the acting online has been well received, shaping a lot of screen roles, but also let her jump to become a small flower line of entertainment, it can be described as a very high starting point.

2007, Yao Di in "a dream of Red Mansions" program showbiz; then, in the Li Shaohong version of "a dream of Red Mansions" as Wang Xifeng, and was known to the public, then it is with "naked marriage age" to win the number of awards. Then there are "Beijing youth", "33 days" and many other known to every family film and television works, career is really smooth, temporarily, outside of her future evaluation is limitless.

can be seen from a lot of interviews, she really loved the road of performing arts.

at that time, she had a successful career, loved by the audience, No gossip, no hype, always serious, really acting, satisfied with the works.

star magazine magazine in an exclusive interview with Yao Di, "

," I can only say that I did my best and that I did 120 points. Some people like, some people oppose, some people are neutral, this is what I hope. Because the play is too special, everyone has its own understanding of Wang Xifeng, there is no standard version, the outcome of this controversy is inevitable. "

" is whether to shoot any work, whether it is good or bad, I was growing up, just grow faster or slower is different, since love this line, it will play, will have the harvest. "

" sometimes love is not a drama, because this character is young or mature, not because people love or hate, but this story can touch your heart, let you have a resonance, this show I will meet. "

, but since ," Zhou saw, "", this is the mainland potential stocks floret Yao Di career and image have plummeted, and then seems to have disappeared from the entertainment industry in general.

" when Ma Yili is pregnant, and the two people in the shooting and Yao Di "naked marriage age", a false thing becomes true.

two people derailed news was exposed, was a national Qi diss.

article immediately stand, said to admit mistakes, to return to the family, and got Ma Yili to forgive.

in order to save the family and image, has been at home to pick up her daughter, go to school, travel with your family vacation.

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