2 dollars a sausage, which is what the meat?

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huanqiulaohucaijing· 2017-07-31 12:30:15

shopping stroll, everyone must be familiar to all over the kiosks, kiosks and the school gate sausage?

a sausage, two dollars, baked outside Giori tender, when the bus or passing by, many people would buy a solution with the.

", or the parent who leads the child, will also buy a snack for the child. However, we enjoy the delicious sausage at the same time, have not considered this

: 2 dollars in any sausage, meat? What kind of meat are they?

according to insiders, the point of the regular manufacturers may use chicken, chicken, generally the main ingredient is chicken, duck, and then the main aroma substances of pork flavor, Monascus pigment, preservative, moreover is to reduce the cost of filling starch; < / p>

also may use the fox meat factory mink meat. Because the meat comes from farms, farms are mostly made of fur and meat is cheaper. Some black heart manufacturers, in order to reduce costs and maximize profits, may be more use of non meat materials.

consumers may ask, the meat and poultry and livestock meat is certainly not the same, no distinction? In fact, it is hard to distinguish between pork and its essence.

" in addition, sausage machine street is an open day, some nutrients in the sausage were destroyed during the heating process.

sausage why so fragrant? When

home stew, roast pork, do not put perfume. Sausage aroma espresso street, many is because the addition of perfume.

eating too much is bad for your health?

often eat this kind of food, to the body in the end there is no harm? The survey found that people who eat processed meat products have a greater chance of contracting gastrointestinal diseases than those who do not often eat processed meat products.

also has a substance that has to be put forward, that is, nitrites. In the sausage processing, nitrite has to be added, on the one hand will make meat products appear fresh and tender; on the other hand, as a preservative, to prevent Clostridium botulinum toxin production, and prolong the shelf-life of meat products.

generally speaking, if added nitrite according to the national standard, it will not cause harm to the human body. But there are small mills on the market that are over used, and that's dangerous.

experts said, sausage and other processed meat products not to eat, but do not often eat, eat a lot. But also to choose reliable, formal store purchase. While eating, proper eating of fresh fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk of disease.

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2 dollars a sausage, which is what the meat?

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