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" for more than a year before the day, reporters passing through Guangzhou's impending collapse of the small shop, see the store posted on the glass writing "Ma Yun against a tearful sale, taking photos at hand.

now, BELLE, China's largest footwear company, has completed its privatisation by July 27th, 1880.

was one of the ten richest in Hongkong, the 83 year old founder and chairman Deng Yao did not participate in the privatization, that is to say he sold all shares held by BELLE international, founded his own life for decades, business enterprise sells out, he and CEO is expected to set about 10 billion yuan in cash.

BELLE international over the past three years, also by the huge impact from Ma led by Taobao Tmall, net profit fell 55%, the market value is more from about 150000000000 Hong Kong dollars, fell to less than 35 billion dollars, the sluggish growth in operating income.

from childhood apprentice to Hongkong's ten richest man, BELLE founder made a lifetime of shoes

, Deng Yao was born in 1934 in Hongkong million households ordinary people, 20 years old when they entered the Hongkong leather shoes factory apprentice. Ten years later, he already owns his own small leather shoes factory.

if from Deng Yao primary school, to July 27, 2017, BELLE international privatization, sell all of the shares, Deng Yao has done for more than 60 years, that is, a lifetime of shoes.

after China's reform and opening to the outside world, Deng Yao saw and grasped the great opportunities of the mainland. Deng Yao, around 1980, first offered the design to the mainland factory and then sold it back to Hongkong.

at that time, he is in addition to domestic outside the company, only with the mainland factory buy shoes in Hongkong, Belle (BELLE) of this brand, also available in Hongkong in 1979, named after the French Belle (beauty).

1987, Deng Yao decided to set up factories in Shenzhen production, the production cycle from 1 years to 3 April, China Merchants Shekou factory.

with the development of the mainland consumer market, Deng Yao began to develop the domestic market of BELLE brand in 1992. At that time, many Hong Kong businessmen who set up factories in the mainland could only win 10% to 15% of the domestic sales rights, but Deng Yao was the first to win 30% of the domestic sales rights for the factory.

at first, he was in Shenzhen and Guangzhou to sell to the wholesale mode around the wholesalers, but soon there are counterfeit fake.

in order to protect BELLE's brand, in 1994, Deng Yao decided to open stores, and franchising model development of sales network, put an end to the sale of fake goods on the market.

with the rapid development of Deng Yao's business in the mainland. In 1998, he suspended the sale of BELLE in Hong Kong and made great efforts to develop the mainland market. In May

2007, with the successful listing of BELLE international in Hongkong, the BELLE international led by Deng Yao has reached a new height. After the listing, BELLE international in China's mainland women's shoes market leading position is becoming stronger and stronger, and even accounted for China's high-end women's shoes market share of about half.

2011, along with BELLE international shares rose to $4 billion, Deng Yao is among the richest in the Hongkong ninth, ranking 281st in the world, but before him rich in Hongkong, the vast majority are started or to do real estate real estate based Regal Hongkong.

Deng Yao's personal quotations include the "see the target", "cooperation attitude, so that all aspects of the required," "everything in reason, ahead", these are the language of a business field of business style.

however, from 2014 to 2015, Deng Yao led by BELLE international has been greatly affected by the electricity supplier, so that more than 80 year old Deng Yao encountered a hitherto unknown challenge, recently decided to accept the privatization plan Deng Yao Hillhouse capital mainly presented, sold all the shares in the company. Under the impact of the electricity supplier

shoe giant profit fell 55%

in recent years to two years with the Alibaba, Taobao, Tmall and other Jingdong rise business platform, the traditional retail industry and related department of clothing and shoes and other have a strong impact, a China shoe king called BELLE international is one of them.

BELLE started in 90s last century, shoe processing, and then transformation, own brand production and operation, but also the acquisition of some other brand footwear industry. There's a large number of brands include: Belle (BELLE), Teenmix (Teenmix), Tata (he or she), Staccato (Staccato), FATO (vahanam extension) and Senda (Sen Da), BASTO (Unified), popular, MILLIES (Miao Li) and so on.

as early as 2010, BELLE accounted for 46% of the market share of high-end women's shoes, and in second the Hongguo international accounted for only 6.5%, the gap is very obvious. Subsequently, from 2011 to 2013, BELLE's market share in high-end women shoes accounted for or greater advantage.

once a slogan, "where women pass, there must be BELLE", domineering show BELLE's market position. BELLE international has topped the list of Chinese women's shoes for 12 consecutive years.

in fact, it's not just where women pass, but where men pass by, they also have BELLE. BELLE's acquisition of Senda is men's.

electricity supplier era, traditional brands such as BELLE has been able to win the channel, but also become an important burden. Once had channels (stores) who have the world, in the online shopping tide, the decline in traditional store sales, the past expansion model stores facing restructuring, expansion into contraction

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