Jia Yueting is cut. Is he a dreamer or a mask?

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", this is not a war story for one person to defeat another, and everything is far from over. In an interview with

, "China entrepreneur" reporter Li Yating Wang Fangjie Zhai Wenting

and Li Yating

, the editor of

Di Wen Ting in this very period, who met Jia Yueting, say what do what may be the news.

7 month 15 days, as investors Liu Gang made a circle of friends, sitting in the 91 concept car FF, he made a gesture of victory ", visit FF (Faraday Future) R & D headquarters, meet with Jia Zong, all in the real experience may go beyond the Tesla's next generation product, very shocking! "Photos quickly spread to the domestic social network, there are users comments," liar came again, this is a concept car, not a production car".

in the United States on a trip to the headquarters of the FF Gang Liu, "you do see a production car, has produced about twenty cars, is in the testing phase, also visited the FF development of the whole process, but because of the commercial secrets are not. "He told the Chinese entrepreneur," Jia Yueting is in good form.

there is a photo of him standing in the three storey office overhead downstairs parking lot of the scene, said the afternoon hundreds of cars at night are gone. He speculates that FF employees are still in regular office.

, but the domestic situation is clearly not so calm. That is almost equated with Jia Yueting LETV, is experiencing a mighty storm, even face the danger of collapse. But all this seems to have little to do with him.

7 21, Sun Hongbin no suspense was elected LETV third board chairman. 188 days, from two shareholders to the chairman, completed in music as the role of the system changes. Although he repeatedly stated in public, "as the music is not interested, financial business is much greater than the music," but does not affect the fact that he has become a key variable music. Sun Hongbin has put on the winner's gesture, shouting, "old Jia is still young, there are good cards in hand."".

, by contrast, Jia Yueting's figure was a bit lonely, and things were getting worse at an unimaginable rate. Just as two years ago, music once again plunged into crisis. The difference is that two years ago, even if the outside world how bad mouthing the music, Jia Yueting still shouted, the introduction of a large number of talents. Today, apart from Sun Hongbin Liang Jun and Zhang Zhao trust, LETV veteran most marginalized or leave.

internal problems unsolved, difficult to remove foreign aggression. Waiting to freeze the shares, repeatedly pledged equity, debt collection outside the meeting room zamen sound, make money footsteps getting closer, more and more debt alarm rang. "Music as the seven sub ecology, one can not be less", "will not lose control of the music as", Jia Yueting constantly defending the music as territorial sovereignty in the process, has become an outsider.

Jia Yueting have the cards? Even if there is, he needs to regain trust capital, entrepreneurs up CaoMang disorder. After crossed this most difficult moment, only what is he can meet his decision.

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out night

7 6 a.m., Liang Jun LETV out of the building, terribly fatigued. The less than two month old CEO, who had just arrived from an international emergency telephone conference, Sun Hongbin and Jia Yueting in the United States are still online. The meeting will discuss the fate of Jia in the music board.

in the evening, LETV announced that Jia Yueting will resign as chairman of the music network, and withdraw from the board of directors, no longer serve any listed company positions.

although the outside has anticipated this result early, but has not thought that the boots has ended so simply, so suddenly.

three days ago, a Shanghai Municipal Higher People's court will be the wife of Jia Yueting, the music system of three companies a total of 1 billion 237 million of the assets freeze news was exposed, due to wind music mobile music as its occurrence of loan interest, the Shanghai branch of China Merchants Bank has repeatedly demanded to no avail to apply to the court for asset preservation.

since then, music as the capital chain crisis has been thoroughly open, and there is strong evidence that the banks have taken practical action. At the same time, Jia Yueting has been on the plane to the United States, and as of press time, did not return.

"the core demands of the restructuring of the board of directors is Laogu Tuiyi, Sun Hongbin further, a retreat into a stable good hearts, let the banks and financial institutions can be assured of the listed company. "Liang Jun explained to the Chinese entrepreneur the purpose of the change in the board's personnel that evening.

in fact, the China Merchants Bank before the incident two weeks, 6 months late, LETV board and the core management had discussed whether Jia Yueting continue to serve as chairman of the original intention was to crack a letv. Liang Jun said, "at that time is still exploring various programs, but China Merchants Bank one shot, we have no time to consider, become a night emergency handling things.". "The

meeting on Wednesday from eight p.m. to four a.m. second days," enter "about ten people attended the meeting. "The atmosphere is very tense. After all, the banks are waiting to see the result. "

in Liang Jun's opinion, Jia Yueting quit the board of directors was the only solution to the problem at that time. Sun Hongbin into the board of directors can release two signals, one, told the bank as the music has changed, two, Sun Hongbin will use resources to help listed companies to ease the pressure on funds.